Top 10 Benefits Of Push Ups: Shocking Facts

What Is Push Ups Exercise

The words push ups are enough to send fear through anyone’s body, as this is one common exercise which most people don’t enjoy or simply can’t do. Push ups are a common type of exercise used in fitness classes these days, including Meta Fit and it really is a case of practice makes perfect with these bingo wing blasters. In order to maximise the push ups benefits, it is important to use the correct form.


Push Ups Benefits For Body

It is not about the quantity of push ups you achieve, it is more about the quality, although the quantity will naturally improve over time. You should take time to get the movement right andif you are unsure about how to perform a push up correctly, it is a good idea to seek advice from a personal trainer. There are many reasons qnd benefits to consider introducing push ups into your daily calistehnics exercise routine.

1.Increase Strength: with a push up, you are actually engaging all of the major muscle groups, including biceps and core muscles, which can actually help to improve your overall strength. You will find that the more you do push ups, the easier they will become and the more of them you will manage to achieve. This is due to the fact that your strength will be continuing to increase as you incorporate push ups into your regular routine. There is no doubt that push ups are difficult, but they offer plenty of benefits which makes it worth the pain.

2.Improve Blood Circulation: you may not think it, but push ups can actually be considered a cardiovascular exercise. This is due to the fact that your heart will be working hard to ensure there is a good flow of blood throughout your body. Push ups are ideal if you want to improve your current blood circulation and reduce the likelihood of suffering from illnesses relating to circulation in the future.

3.Toned Arms: there is nothing worse than having to search for clothes which cover up the arms when you go out shopping and if you start performing push ups, you will soon notice that this is a problem of the past!Popular push ups benefits are that they target all the different muscles in the arms, which helps to combat those dreaded bingo wings. If you are looking to tone your arms, push ups are right up there with weights for destroying that arm fat!

4.Stomach Definition: you may not consider push ups to be an exercise for the core, but in fact, the push up can be just as effective as a sit up for stomach definition. When you carry out a push up properly, you need to engage the core and this small, focused movement can help target fat in this area and kick start your journey to a scrumptious six pack, if that is what your heart desires!

5.Energy Boost: instead of reaching for that cup of coffee or chocolate bar to improve your energy, try out some push ups instead. As push ups improve your circulation, it can help give your energy boost which, if done in the morning, can really help set you up for the day ahead. Push ups are a much healthier alternative than looking for something sugary.

6.Improve Posture: the movement involved in push ups means that your core muscles are engaged, leading to better overall posture. You can really improve your posture by even just adding a few push ups to your exercise routine and this can make you look taller and even feel more confident. It is important though, that you perform the movements correctly, as otherwise, it could make your posture worse.

7.Reduce Back Pain: this brings us nicely onto the fact that push ups can even reduce the likelihood of suffering from back pain. Back pain is quite often caused by sitting hunched over a computer all day, a common course these days and due to the improvements in posture as a result of push ups, you can also reduce back pain.

8.Builds Up Chest: for men looking to build up their chest area, push ups can really help create better definition and improve the bulkiness of the area, without it looking overdone. As long as the push ups are carried out correctly, it can build up the chest in the same way as using weights would. Don’t worry girls, it won’t have the same effect on you!

9.Increase Metabolism: the cardiovascular activity associated with a push up can help to increase metabolism levels, which means it can acts a great calorie burner. If you try and ensure you do some push ups each day, you will soon find that this, together with a healthy diet and other forms of exercise, will start to improve your metabolism.


10.Improves Bone Health: As you perform this exercise, you will find that your muscles and bones are getting stronger each and every time you do it. You can improve the health of your bones, if you incorporate it with a healthy lifestyle.

Anytime,anywhere!: The beauty of push ups are that you don’t need any special equipment to enjoy all the benefits of this exercise. You can perform push ups at anytime and anywhere you want, obviously within reason! They don’t take long either and you can easily incorporate them into your daily routine, without taking up too much of your time.


Considering its many benefits, push ups should be tried by everyone. It is indeed one of the very few work outs that is easiest to do yet has immense opportunities.If you like the article share it and leave a quick comment below