Top 10 Calisthenics Books For Beginners You Must Read !

The human body provides us with more than we can conclusively define in one lifetime. One of these marvels is the ability to use the natural body weight and qualities of inertia in place of mainframe weights to develop the physique of our bodies. This technique which is currently taking the streets by storm is called Calisthenics Workout. It is a technique that can be traced back to the ancient Greeks where its name derives meaning in beauty and strength. It is best described as the creative use of one’s bodyweight as a training tool. Many people, knowingly or unknowingly have participated in Calisthenics. Activities such as sit-ups and push-ups are solid examples of calisthenics. Experts in this field have gone the extra mile and consolidated their best experiences and techniques into books and practice videos. These calisthenics books contain the what to do and what not to attempt. Read this article about the best  calisthenics exercises routine 




Best Calisthenics Books List :

Calisthenics books guide you on how to best master the gifts that your body provides you with, eliminating the need to attend weight lifting gyms. They offer you a do it yourself opportunity. Extensive research and experience has shown that the best way to go is to utilize the natural provisions of nature, just like the animals, let nature define you. These calisthenics books are here to teach you how to master the art of calisthenics.

Best yet, calisthenics does not require you to go on crazy diets , just believe in yourself and follow good . You can continue enjoying your buggers, if that’s what works for you, and still be top fit thanks to calisthenics. Here are some of the greatest calisthenics books that you can use to better understand your body weight distribution and how to benefit from it.

1. You are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren and Joshua Clark

Mark Lauren is termed as an elite special operations physical trainer. He runs a cleverly simple program that you can practice anywhere that will quickly get you into shape. The demand for special operations military forces has seen its growth surge in the preceding decade. The book shares the secret that the military utilizes to reach and maintain their bodies at the pinnacle of fitness. Mark Lauren guides you through his technique that will have you build more muscle metabolism as compared to weight lifting. The book includes his motivation techniques and nutrition advice that leverage the effective power of calisthenics to get you to top shape in the fastest duration possible.

2. Complete Calisthenics: The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Training by Ashley Kalym

Ashley Kalym is a UK born calisthenics trainer. He has served in the Royal Marines where he developed a passion for bodyweight exercises. He has a strong collection of fitness books focusing on calisthenics and bodyweight conditioning. His book directs readers on how to go about a range of exercises. He approaches calisthenics with minimal equipment and is specific to manipulating the body’s physique with the body weights resistance. The book offers its readers over 500 descriptive photographs to go with the step by step approach that he uses to train his readers. He combines this with nutritional advice, some self-explanatory diet plans. This is by far the most comprehensive calisthenics guide available. The book does not discriminate on sex or on level of expertise.

3. Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of All Weakness-Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength by Paul Wade

Paul approaches calisthenics from a domesticated human animal point of view. This is such that the domesticated human animal does not rely on its physical strength for security and survival but rather derives its pride from being physically fit. He views it as merely a vital weapon that supplements the advanced arms and armor that the military bear. He sees it however as significantly vital weapon in the case of a prisoner held at a maximum prison, we have all seen the prison blockbusters like Prison Break… Paul has been behind bars and knows that intimidation is the only currency. He spent his time behind bars perfecting the art of calisthenics and weight lifting. He honed these secrets with a passion that he is indeed a true proponent of body building. This book is his way of sharing his hard earned experience. It is a true guide to survival in the jungle or building a body that could survive in one.


4. Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy by Bret Contreras

Brent Contreras holds a PhD in sport science. He is known among his clients and peers as the Glute Guy since he helps his clients develop shapely strong glutes. He has worked with elite athletes as well as his achievement in developing his glute training machine. He is a well-known consultant on matters that concern body building and fitness. His book on bodyweight strengthening is a step by step guide that includes anatomical illustrations that help in guiding his followers how to better utilize their body weights. He keeps off weights, machines and expensive equipment in his book. He trains his clients on how to build their body’s strength naturally. Naturally muscle definition and mass building is his goal throughout the book.

5. Pushing the Limits! Total Body Strength With No Equipment by Al Kavadlo

Al Kavadlo is a world force in the bodyweight strength arenas. He has five books on body building under his belt. He has as well contributed in the Convict Conditioning book that is well celebrated among certain circles. He has developed his clientele from the day to day folk to Olympic medalists. His smile has brought him fame during some elite bodyweight exercises. Al finds glory in perfecting his body and passes this knowledge to all his clients. His book is a masterpiece in delivering his hard eared knowledge to his large number of followers. He believes in respecting one’s body. His book teaches how to harness the natural power placed in our bodies and using it as protection for the body. His book is a means to bring out this primal power. It takes you on a well-illustrated journey to perfect body fitness.

6. Home Made Muscle: All You Need is a Pull up Bar (Motivational Bodyweight Workout Guide) by Anthony Arvanitakis

He holds a bachelor in Sports Science and Physical education. He is a motivational personal trainer out of Netherlands. He owns a motivational fitness website that guides his visitors on how to get strong without visiting the mainstream gymnasiums. His book made it to the Amazon #1 Best Seller list. He approaches body building with a true story about a hero’s deepest despair and how the hero works his way out of near despair to his greatest success. He tells of his shortcomings, his darkest moment, when he had his leg amputated, that later worked as pivots for his life change. He teaches people how to work with the natural provisions of the human body towards great achievements in the world of body fitness. His program is definitely a result of his life’s work. He has been personally through the process. He is a true testament and proof that his formula does work. His book will guide its leader through an emotion packed adventure into the rigorous world of fitness. He approaches this with videos dietary advice, guidance on proper use of supplements and will get you burning body fat and defining muscles. The book works perfectly even for those who prefer not to invest in a gym membership. It is a masterpiece of clear instructions and smart tips and tricks. This book will sure do wonders for you if you are ready to stop making excuses.

7. Strength Training Anatomy, 3rd Edition by Frederic Delavier.

Frederic Delavier approaches body building from a scholar’s point of view. The French national has acquired extensive knowledge of the morphology and anatomy of the human body through a five-year program undertaken at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and an extra three-year program at the Paris Faculte de Medecine. He has many significant awards in the field of human anatomy. His book features his artistic hand, which brings life to the entire book. The book features new exercises and additional stretches. The artwork used in presenting the content of the book brings a whole new level of understanding. Frederic combines his medical knowledge of the human anatomy with his art to deliver his teachings on body building. This book explains the particular muscles that are used for each exercise in detail that brings the picture to life. It shows how the particular muscles and ligaments work with bones in each particular exercise. The book has been quoted to be like taking a video X-ray of the human body during exercises. It gives you all the necessary need to knows like muscle depth and other vital information. This is a book that is narrated by a medical expert, a renowned journalist and a body building trainer. The book is a masterpiece among other books on calisthenics.

8. The Esquire Guide to Bodyweight Training by Adam Schersten and Chris Klimek.

Adam Schersten is a top-tier certified personal trainer. His work has been on top magazines such as Glamour, InStyle and others. He is an expert trainer who has founded his own wellness consultancy. His training leans towards functional movement and posture mechanics. He is as well a tree-trainer. He likens the skill of tree training to human body training. He is an advanced level calisthenics trainer who encourages his clients to ditch weights. His book contains 75 bodyweight exercises which are reinforced with over 175 detailed illustrations. He approaches the book writing with training programs that span a month, two months and three months each. He does not fall shy when it comes to dietary recommendations. He offers a calisthenics prerequisite course as an extra in the book.

9. The 90-Day Bodyweight Challenge for Men by Mark Lauren and Julian Galinski

Mark Lauren writes this book with the expert contribution of Julian Galinski. In this book he offers men a 90-day challenge which is aimed at guiding men towards a perfect body frame. It is a step by step program that will allow its reader to achieve his fitness goals and attain lasting positive change in his life. Lauren’s proven formula has been used world over. It harnesses the power of a person’s body utilizing the bodyweight resistance. The book allows you to work out at your convenience without the need for the fancy machines or gym memberships. This book proposes a new intensive program that is relatively easy to follow. It is supposed to give the user maximum body building results in a short period of 3 months. It leaves no space for doubt in its instructions. Lauren is never shy, as usual, when it comes to dietary advice. This is for the strong hearted and those that are able to strictly follow a 90-day program. Its results are proven.

10. Calisthenics: The Revolutionary Bodyweight Training Guide by Peter David

Peter David believes that the ability to attain the ripped physique that you want lies within. This belief has led to his coming up with the ultimate calisthenics guide. This guide is based on his extensive years of experience in the calisthenics world. It is designed to catapult body builders to pro from whatever level they are at. His technique has been tested through time on his clients. He now wishes to pass down this refined knowledge to his readers. His technique does not discriminate on the current body state of his reader. His book is expected to teach you the tricks that industry experts use to accelerate body development in half the time. The techniques covered in the book will unlock new features of your body you never knew existed. The book relies on the art of calisthenics to deliver your perfect ripped body, an almost perfect health and most importantly more fulfilling days. Calisthenics is a serious work out like any other and it does demand more from the person than just doing the exercises. The book requires dedication from the reader. This book is best suited for the individuals who appreciate the need for discipline when it comes to calisthenics.


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