What Is Calisthenics Workout? Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Have you been feeling as though your workout and dieting routines aren’t doing much for you? Feel like you’ve tried everything? Well guess again! Have you opted for calisthenics bodyweight training? Calisthenics is definitely a surefire way to guarantee results. but what is calisthenics workout?

Calisthenics Definition

Calisthenics can be described as a vigorous method of exercise where your own body weight is used to achieve fitness and strength. Calisthenics is best defined as the usage of gymnastic movements to attain body fitness as well as gracious movement. This method has been proven to help people gain strength and become more fit/toned as well as lose weight fast.You will see results based on the effort you put into your workout. With calisthenics, you aren’t forcing any extra weight on yourself or forcing yourself beyond your capabilities.


Calisthenics workout

What Are The Best Calisthenics Workout?

Some examples of upper body calisthenic workouts are push ups and pull ups. Even if you feel as though you can only do 2 push ups or 2 pull ups, if you continue trying to go beyond those 2 reps, you can and will accomplish more. So do 2 push ups if that’s all you believe you’re capable of, but the next day, come back and try for 3. Continue on like that and you will be at 10 in no time. Then you’ll be able to do 20. And if you can do 20, you can do 20 more. Calisthenics will only be as hard as you make it out to be. Furthermore, some effective lower body exercises would be squats and lunges. You’ll work your quads, hamstrings, core and butt with these exercises.
One of the great things about calisthenics is the fact that you don’t need to be in a gym to do it. You can do it in your room, in your yard, at the park, and so on. The possibilities are endless! It’s all due to the fact that you don’t need much equipment to do the workout. Calisthenics will definitely improve one’s strength of course, but also one’s endurance, mobility, and even flexibility. To be honest, if you are more focused on being fit or strong in a certain way such as being big and buff, then maybe you do belong in a gym using equipment to build your muscle. Sure, some calisthenics will be incorporated into your workout but your workout will involve more equipment usage. Whether or not calisthenics is right for you is really based upon your preferences and goals.Consider this, are you more concerned with losing weight, building as much muscle as possible, toning your body, or just getting yourself into shape? Calisthenics will definitely help you do all of those things but it will also give you full control over your body. The cool thing about the workouts are that you don’t have to opt for the standard versions of those workouts. There are so many variations of the push up, squat, sit up, and so on that you will always have a different way to work your body.

The Best Calisthenics Workout Routine For Beginner:

Calisthenics should be a major part of your workout routine because you cannot necessarily avoid doing any of the workouts even if you’re in the gym. Push ups can be used as a warm up exercise. Variants of pull up exercises can be done on the equipment in the gym. Regardless of what you do in your workout routine, some calisthenic exercise is undoubtedly in that routine.
Do you have body goals for yourself or are you satisfied with your body? Even if it was something as simple as wanting your arms to be a little more toned or your abs to be a little more toned. Even if you don’t have any body goals and you are completely satisfied with your body, there’s nothing wrong with being in shape and/or staying in shape. Calisthenics is a pretty simple way to achieve your body goals as well as staying/getting in shape.

Give calisthenics a try. Temporarily switch it out for your current workout routine if you have one. Take one day to work on your upper body. Stretch first, of course. Go for 10 push ups. If you can’t do a full 10, do as many as you can. Or try the modified push ups on your knees and do as many as you can. Your goal is 10 and once you exceed that goal, make your goal 20. If you have somewhere where you can safely do pull ups, try to do 10 of those as well. Your goal is not only to be able to do 10 of these, but to be able to lift your own body weight. Once you can lift your own body weight, think of the muscle you just gained from that. If you can’t accomplish all 10, do as many as you can. Next time around, you’ll go for more than what you previously achieved.
The following day, work on your core with sit ups and crunches. Try to do 10 sit ups, or as many as you can. Take a short break. Then do 10 crunches, if you can. Take another short break. Now try doing a variant of your standard crunches such as bicycle crunches or crunches with one leg raised. Same as always, 10 reps for these as well. After this, try to do 10 leg raises for each leg. If you need to stop in between for a little bit, that’s fine as long as you complete the workout. You’ll be doing more than 10 reps for each exercise in no time.
On day three, you’ll work your lower body. Start with some squats. 10 squats if you can but if you can’t, do whatever is in your range. Following this,   do 10 lunges if you can. Next try 10 calf raises. This exercise will give your calves more strength, or even you legs as a whole, will benefit you as you age. Next try 10 high knees. This will help with your balance and coordination as well as work your hamstrings and your butt.You can choose to rotate this into a week’s worth of working out if you’d like or just do three consecutive days and take at least 1-2 rest days before starting back up. As long as you’re consistent with it and continue to push yourself to do more, you’ll see solid results. So again, what is the best calisthenics workout you love to practice each day?