Top 3 Calisthenics Shoes to Wear for Better Training


Calisthenics is quickly becoming one of the most popular training methods today, which is understandable given the many benefits of the practice. The article of today will show you the best shoes to wear during calisthenics  and the importance of having a good one.

The Best 3 Shoes To Wear For Calisthenics / Street Workout

Anyone can train calisthenics workout without special gear or expensive equipment so to speak. But of course, you can improve the results you get with appropriate gear. Due to the dynamic movement required for calisthenics, practitioners should focus most of the shoes. Footwear made specifically for this workout have features that help you be more comfortable, and allows for bigger and more active movement while minimizing the risk of injury.


Choosing to wear a good calisthenics shoe eliminates these potential issues and will even improve your performance, making it easier for you to achieve and maintain your ideal body look. Here are the top  shoes recommanded for calisthenics & street workout  athletes:

Nike Metcon 2

The Nike Metcon 2 training sneakers are designed to give you comfort and stability no matter the workout regimen. Featuring Flywire technology, you can be sure that these shoes keep a snug fit whether you are doing heavy lifting, sprinting, or obstacle climbing. Also, despite cushioned midsoles having a bad reputation of creating an imbalance during lifting, the foam midsole of the Metcon 2 make it ideal for running while also giving support during lifts.It also allows for easier squatting as the pressure goes to the heels instead of the toes. Overall, this is a well-balanced footwear that gives you the flexibility you need for calisthenics.

Merrell Vapor Glove 2

Striving to be as light as possible without sacrificing comfort and protection, the Merrell Vapor Glove 2 uses a mix of fabric and synthetic that gives you an almost barefoot feeling. It features a breathable mesh lining with a microfiber footbed for more air circulation and comfort. It has no cushioning to really give the impression that you are walking on your feet, and not on artificial support. As a result, posture and balance are greatly improved that in turn emphasizes the effects of a calisthenics workout. Its minimalist nature allows for light to moderate exercises.


Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81

Catering to the technical runner market, the Ultimate 81 has a specialized midsole and heel that gives support to the feet no matter the anatomy. The outsole also helps to absorb the shock on the feet from running or sprinting, giving great traction. The suede and synthetic materials give you good breathability while making it a long lasting This product built to stay around even with heavy use. It is also constructed well enough to be used in different kinds of terrain. The simple yet striking design is also a feature that other wearers appreciate for this pair of kicks.


Final Verdict:

If you’re going to be serious about your calisthenics training regiment, you will do well to buy shoes to match the activity you will be doing the most. Non-specialized footwear can cause issues like instability and discomfort, which might even go so far as to discourage you from working out. Shoes could also be easily worn out when used for a different purpose than it is intended for.