Top Calisthenics Workout Routine: Start Your Transformation

What are Calisthenic Workouts?

Calisthenics could be considered as one of the safest as well as one of the cheapest archaic exercises ever known. This particular exercise routine which derives from the ancient times from Greece has the potential of providing you with amazing health benefits. Today it is being practiced by millions around the world and has been proved favorable by all users. Not only is it being used as an exercise plan, but also in many parts of the world, it is being practiced as an art. The main reason for its popularity is due to its’ convenience in terms of space, equipment, and money. It could be performed devoid of the use of any external machinery or device. The entire routine involves various types of exercises which could be categorized as, stretching, push-ups, pulling exercises, lunges, crunches and some other types of exercises. street workouts will you help to increase your body strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance. If you are a calisthenics newbie I think this article will help you to know more ?!

How To Start Calisthenics  For Beginners:  Golden Tips & Advices

Although it may seem rather tiring and complicated at the beginning, it becomes more and more entertaining and easy after your body happens to get acclimated. A good calisthenics workout plan must consists of parts which provide strength and flexibility to all parts of the human body. Almost every type of exercise makes all the muscles of the body move, which as a result strengthens each and every muscle in the body, thus providing vigor and flexibility as well. Rather than hitting the gym, this exercise revolution is highly recommended due to it being an exercise which has no negative effect on the body. Likewise, you are able to feel the workload you are capable of handling and could gradually increase the times of exercises. The strength which you take possession of is sure to be well balanced which flows through all of the muscles in your body in an equal manner.


What Is The Best Calisthenics Exercises For Beginners To Start With?

Prior to getting started I want to say that it is highly advisable to become totally aware of all details and methods in order to prevent you from experiencing any dire situations or injuries. If you happen to have watched some video clips on callisthenics, no doubt you would have come across some remarkable movements which are performed by various people, such as the “human flag” and “The single arm pull-up”. Those images and videos are bound to provoke you to practice calisthenics. Nevertheless, attempting to perform them without having sufficient strength and practice, could result in a negative way, which could possibly injure your muscles and tissues. Therefore, prior to attempting to conduct more advanced and complex exercises, it is highly recommendable to first build up your strength and flexibility. As for the beginning, conducting a set of simple pull-ups would relax your muscles and accommodate to strengthen your abs, arms, and back. If you do not happen to have a pull-up bar, try searching for an object which would serve the purpose. Likewise, conducting push-ups would aid in strengthening your chest and triceps. Subsequently, you could begin by doing “squats” in order to strengthen your thighs, knees and the entire legs in general. To be able to do the more advanced exercises in calisthenics workout program it is required that you have a strong calisthenics body.

The Best Calisthenics Workout For Every Body Part!

Abs Exercises: practicing Abs exercises would provide you with the necessary vigor and flexibility which is required to accomplish various callisthenic stunts and acts. Not only would it help you to increase strength and flexibility, but also it would help you to flatten your belly which furthermore would provide you with amazing health benefits.



also lazar novovic abs workout is great and his callisthenics routine highly recommanded:

Biceps Back & Workouts: there are several exercises to gain big biceps and amazing back look, but this collection is the best if you are a calisthetics or street workout athlete. For a newbie is better to lower the number of sets or reducing time of each exercise



Chest Routine: If you are looking for a  bigger, toned and sexy chest:  just practice a lot of push ups workout variations will help .


Leg workouts: one of the most common things between calisthenics and street workout athletes  is the lack of interest of the trainees to strengthen the muscles of the legs, or rather lack of interest in the lower half of their body. Your leg is weak and slender and looking for good looking! We are here to help and this routine is the best to build strong legs with the amazing calfs look. follow this routine below:


Upper body routine: remember that for each moment of struggle during calisthenics training you are following your precess for better looking, staying fit and build strength. We are creating the routine below in order to help you achieve a sculpted upper body ” perform each exercise correctly for quick results “.


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After you’ve practiced doing these basic steps for a few weeks you would begin to feel comfortable with them. Having made that achievement, you can continue to try out the tougher full-fledged pull ups and chin ups. Now that you have gained strength and flexibility, the more complex levels of calisthenics would seem more feasible for you. Even the “human flag” could be conducted through a bit of practice and dedication.Now It’s time tio discovet the best calisthenics workout program for each muscles.


mixing the calaesthetics workout program above will give you a good calisthenics full body routine that will mountain your flexibility and endurane

What To Eat For Calisthenics?

While you are performing these exercises or if you hope to begin calisthenics,there are some concerns that should be put to terms. one other main concern of yours would obviously be the diet plan. In order to experience the maximum benefits of your training, the food you happen to consume does have an impact and therefore must be considered as another key factor. Reducing food items containing high-fat levels and salt is advisable and should be followed in order to gain the most of the calisthenics. A great deal of strength is required to perform later stages of calisthetics. Therefore we recommend you to eat food rich in fiber, protein, and zinc. These food items would accommodate to increase the stamina and vigor which are vitally necessary for conducting regular exercises. Having a light meal for dinner would also contribute to losing belly fat. As same, it is highly advisable that you do not skip breakfast and lunch. Breakfast and lunch will provide you with the needed chemical strength to perform all exercises with much effectiveness.

Final Verdict

After you have mastered the beginner’s levels of calisthenics, undoubtedly you would want to continue in trying out the most complex stages of calistenic workouts. Your life would not be the same anymore. It would be a total change in terms of physique, strength, flexibility and personality. The experience you would receive would be something you would treasure forever. And the best part is that you can do it easily without having to spend a lot of money and time hitting the gym. All you would need is a step by step guide to help you throughout the entire process. You would need assistance from an expert when it comes to knowing the appropriate breathing techniques and the proper method to perform each and every exercise from the very beginning.

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