Pull Ups Everyday: Let’s Debunk a Couple of Pull Up Myths

Sure, you can you do pull ups everyday. But, maybe a better question is, “Should you do pull ups everyday?” Sometimes, more is not better. And with pull ups this is definitely true.

It’s not uncommon to hear people bragging about doing 50 or even 100 pull ups a day. As though this is a badge of how tough they are. We think this is sign that they are not educated about how the human body works.Learn what muscles do pull ups work before continue reading this article to know the importance of pull ups exercise for your strength .


Let’s Debunk a Couple of Pull Up Myths…

No, your muscles don’t grow while doing resistance training. No, doing daily pull ups won’t make you any skinnier…and won’t necessarily make you any bigger either.

Your muscles get bigger after exercise. Resistance training simply causes muscle break down. The foods you eat, the water you drink, the hours you sleep, the mental stress you avoid, all play a role in helping those muscles heal and repair, which allows them to grow stronger over time. Constantly tearing your lats simply won’t make them get any bigger any faster.

Pull ups


Can You Do Pull Ups Everyday Without Injury?

In fact, you may be doing more harm than good. Too many pull ups without rest may lead to over use injuries by not allowing the body to heal in its own time. In other words, you’ll get weaker instead of stronger.

We highly recommend waiting at least 48 hours between pull up sessions. If you’re extremely sore and stiff from a prior pull up workout, you will definitely want to skip a day. At least until you have pain-free movement. Listen to your body!

Now, if you’re not going to listen to us (hey, who are we anyway?), mix up your grip and workout intensity. Say on Monday, you do 10 wide grip pull ups. Tuesday, you do 5 neutral grip. Wednesday, you perform 2 chin ups. You get the idea. At least, you’ll be hitting those same upper back muscles at different angles lessening the risk of overuse.

Just don’t over do it. Most people don’t take into account that it’s just not your muscles that are involved in post exercise recovery. It’s also your central nervous system (CNS). The CNS is responsible for all muscle contractions. Wear out your CNS and you risk facing fatigue, sickness, and muscle weakness.

Can You Do Pull Ups Everyday Without Variety?

Over training is not the only problem with doing pull ups every day. Boredom is a another concern. Daily pull ups may become a chore as oppose to a fun fitness endeavor. Humdrum workouts lead to missed workouts. Keep variety in your fitness regime both mentally and physically.

The body is an amazing machine. It’s also one that can learn your workout routine pretty quickly. Do the same exercise daily and your body will adapt and have less response to the stimuli of pull ups. Do daily pull ups and your risk seeing plateaus in your muscle growth.

So…to answer your question. Yes, you can do pull ups everyday! But, why? Give your body the rest it needs and you will get ripped…slowly over time!

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