Frank Medrano Diet: What You Must Eat To Hit 6% Body Fat?

Many think being a vegan is time consuming, expensive and that you have limited food which you don’t get in all of your nutrients, The Frank Medrano diet can prove these theories wrong. Frank Medrano has combined one the best and healthiest diets with calisthenics and is living proof that you can look good, be healthier and get all the nutrients in that your body needs. The vegan diet has all the same food groups and nutrients your body needs, you can substitute your meat and dairy products with vegan products and still get the same results as someone who consumes meat and is body building. Calisthenics is a great way to tone and shape up your body using your own body weight and reduceyour body fat quickly.Read this full calisthenics diet plan where you will find the best eating habits according to your body type .

Frank Medrano Diet Guide

Your five basic food groups consist of fats and oils, dairy, protein, fruits and vegetable and starch. Foods and drinks hold nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, oils, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be fully functional and healthy. Your body needs specific amounts of nutrients and minerals from these five food groups. Substituting meat and dairy products is an easy task when you use simple these simple techniques Frank Medrano offers on his website.

There are very basic rules to follow when switching over to a vegan diet.

1. Make sure your substitute your meat protein diet with foods such as mushrooms, red kidney beans and black beans.

2. Your dairy products you can substitute with products such as coconut milk and cream, almond milk and Soya milk. There are many other substitutes on the market that vary from cashew milk and rice milk. If you prefer to experiment with something at home learning how to extract rice milk or soya milk can be a fun and challenging task.

3. Replace your cheese with vegan cheeses which is easy to make and store. These can vary from using bananas or avocados.

4. Stay away from processed foods and junk foods. As most fast foods and processed foods contain preservative agents and colorants you are not getting in the right nutrients and bringing in too much excess oils into your body. Excess oils can affect your muscles, skin and hair. Sugar products such as fizzy drinks and energy drinks can affect your metabolism and can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

5. Eat as organic as possible fresh fruits and vegetables. Mix this nutrition guidelines with  this best calisthenics workout plan for quick results

frank medrano diet with vegan food

The Essential Vegan Foods

Detoxing from animal products and processed foods takes up to two weeks for your body to adjust as it “reprograms” your body to learn to take out the toxins and bring in the fresh nutrients. It’s important to allow the detox to happen. Exercising with using your body weight and strength will help your muscles get stronger and speed up your metabolism. What is great about the vegan diet is that you can eat as much as you like and when you want to because you’re eating and snacking on a healthier option.

Fats and oils are important to the diet to help the body bring nutrients to the major organs without causing heat disease and other life threatening conditions. Chang your deep fried foods to more baked and raw foods, using products such as olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil and sunflower seed butter. Sunflower seed butter is easy to make and lasts as long as you’re normal butters on the markets. The above mentioned and more food fats and oils contain three of the four types of fats which each plays a part in keeping the body healthy, these include saturated fats, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Other foods such as coconut oil, palm oil, avocado, mixed nuts and canola oil carry these types of fats.

Dairy products are easy to find and make for a vegan diet, using products such as Cashew or walnut cheese, Soya milk, Almond milk, Rice milk, Almond yoghurt and Soya yoghurt. These are tasty and great substitutes for your dairy products Easy to make and store. Vegan products can be frozen and you can mix in fresh fruits, berries and sweeten it up with Agave honey or molasses for a healthier option.

Easy to make snacks using rolled oats with Agave honey and dried fruit pieces will benefit your metabolism and give you long lasting energy for the day. In Frank Medrano’s video for a Valentine’s Day treat he shows you how you can make tasty and healthy brownies. They have the same texture as your non vegan brownies but the great thing about them is they have fewer sugars, no preservative, and additives and taste more organic.

In a vegan diet the main concern for those who want to start the diet is where can they get their proteins from? Protein is found in many foods we eat that are not animal related. These foods give you longer lasting energy, heighten up your metabolism and digest faster than animal products. King Oyster mushrooms have twice as much protein in them than your average size steak. They can be eaten raw or cooked. They go great in stews and you can even cook them on a barbeque. Frank Medrano describes in his video he gets his proteins from whole grain foods, vegetable such as kale and broccoli. The great added benefit to broccoli is that it contains a large amount of vitamin C.

He all so describes that eating beans such as black beans and kidney beans is the other source where he gets a large amount of protein from. They great thing with using beans when cooking a vegan dish is that you can find endless recipes to make almost anything that a meat eater would eat, foods such as steaks. Using vegetables such as cabbages, kale and other types of spinach is that they contain high volumes of folic acid which is a very important mineral for the joints around your bones and muscles. Your overall health will be benefitted changing from meats to a vegan diet, from your heart to your kidneys.

Fruits and Vegetables hold the highest balance of the right vitamins and minerals your body needs to process the right type of energy to your major organs, muscles and your brain. There are so many fruits and vegetables on the market each with their own benefit to your body. It’s a quick boot of energy in the morning. Eating things like a fresh fruit salad with oats in the morning will certainly get your blood pumping and make you feel fresh and ready for the day. Bananas hold a high level of potassium which helps your brain to activate and concentrate in the mornings. Bananas as especially great for those who do exercise in Calisthenics as the potassium will help your muscles to wake up and warm up when working out. Herbal teas and organic coffees with a dash of coconut milk and a tea spoon of Agave honey is a great substitute any time during the day to help you energize and relax. Salads in the summer are a quick and easy way to get energy for lunch, mixing nuts and dried berries to add in your protein. A healthy diet with fruits and vegetables may protect against types of cancer.

Starch is the most important food group in any diet; this is what gives you the energy throughout the day. The best starch products your body needs are the whole grain products, oats, pastas, rye or whole grain breads and corn or mealy meal. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is one of the most important affects you can have on your body. Ending your day with a warm pasta dish covered in butternut and herb sauce is a perfect way to end off a day after a workout of calisthenics. Foods like polenta, potatoes and couscous can be mixed into stews with lentils, beans and fresh vegetables. Starch can improve your resistance toward diabetes, lower your blood sugar and slowly releases in the body.Order now frank medrano function supplement

Why Vegan Is The Best Calisthenics Diet?

What is great about the vegan diet is that you can mix and match foods to find the best foods that you and your family can enjoy. There are many substitutes for animal’s products that are not harmful to your body and that you can experiment with. In today’s society it is very easy to go to your local take away and buy something unhealthy for your body, once you go vegan it’s actually a quicker and healthier way to get food on the go. Packing lunch boxes is easier than and not as expensive as going to the vending machine and buying a chocolate and chips to help you get your sugar rush.

Frank Medrano Vegan Diet Quote


There are many reasons the vegan diet is the best diet for those who exercise in calisthenics and why you should rather chose this diet than all your other diets out there on the market. The best ten reasons why you should chose this diet for calisthenics:

1. You don’t need to drink protein shakes

2. Your body naturally detoxes

3. Your energy lasts longer

4. You lose the unnecessary fat tissue and build muscles with a more natural approach

5. You can eat when you like and as much as you like

6. Your bringing in more nutrients to your organs, muscles and bones

7. The nutrients, vitamins and minerals are in a higher quantity

8. Your body is absorbing more natural products that can help your joints

9. Your helping to prevent major illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes

10. You are not spending so much money every month on energy drinks, shakes, meat and supplements which is one of the best bonuses.

Calisthenics is a healthy exercise routine to strengthen your core, arms, legs and back. It will improve your posture and your overall health from physical to mental. It takes a large amount of concentration and dedication to get to where Frank Medrano is with his routine but the benefits are endless. You don’t need fancy gym equipment, yoga mats or even weights so there is no reason to have to spend money on getting started. Calisthenics improves skills such as balance, flexibility, agility and coordination. You can exercise anytime and anywhere during the day or night. Calisthenics is a combination of lunges, star jumps, squat jumps, sit ups, crunches, and push ups, pulls ups, squats, calf raises, and dips, leg raises, stretching for warming up and cooling down and the popular well known planking. Once you have strengthen your muscles it’s a great way to start pushing your body to its limits with planking in vertical, horizontal and other various directions. It’s a great workout for both women and men of any age and size, no matter if you want to lose weight or build muscles.

The last and most important artefact to always remember to consume when doing a workout such as calisthenics and changing your diet is to drink plenty of fresh and pure water. Water is essential to any diet. Water detoxes and flushes the system which helps to get rid of toxins in the kidneys and liver. It hydrates and cleanses your skin, hair and you entire body. Water helps to control your calories in your body, regulate your body temperature and give you extra energy after a workout. A glass of water can aid you in concentrating and being more alert. Water is the most natural and vegan supplement that you could offer your body. It can help you in any emotional state and is a life saver.


What is amazing with combining calisthenics and a vegan diet is that you’re not harming animals or extracting milks from animals. You’re not spending a large amount of money on diet books, gym equipment, and supplements and paying gym membership fees. The army uses calisthenics to train their troops and it’s the best type of boot camp exercise you can find on the market. You are getting the best natural nutrients in your diet and your helping your body stay fit and energised every day.

Animal vs Plant Protein For Muscle Growth

Protein is protein, Right?

There are many views surrounding protein types. Some believe that protein is protein no matter the source. Others are adamant that there are significant differences between animal and plant protein.

Research has shown that the major difference between plant and animal protein is their amino acid profile. An amino acid is simply a building block for protein. Our bodies can produce some of these amino acids on their own whereas others have to be obtained through protein rich foods.

What types of amino acids are there?


The amino acids that the body produces are called non-essential amino acids, meaning they are not needed in large amounts in your diet. These include alanine, asparagine, aspartic acid, and glutamic acid.


On the other hand, those that need to be obtained from protein rich foods are called essential amino acids. These include lysine, histidine, isoleucine, tryptophan, leucine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, and valine.


These are amino acids that are needed by the body in certain conditions or in regions where they aren’t found in high amounts. These Include tyrosine, glycine, ornithine, proline, serine, arginine, cysteine, and glutamine.

Where can I find amino acids?

Protein containing the essential amino acids can be sourced from either animal or plants. Common sources of animal proteins include eggs, dairy products, fish and lean meat. Plant proteins can be obtained from beans, grains, nuts and some fruits and vegetables.

Animal vs. plant sources:

Animal protein is more similar in structure to our bodies as compared to plant protein and therefore it is absorbed faster. Also, animal protein possesses a complete set of amino acids thus some consider it the best source of all the protein required by the body.


On the other hand, plant protein sources are termed incomplete in their profile of amino acids. For example, the plant protein source with the closest number of amino acids in its protein profile is the soy bean. However, it lacks in the amino acid methionine which is needed by the body for metabolism.

Unlike animal protein, plant protein is merited by its lack of harmful cholesterol that may cause heart diseases and increase blood pressure when consumed. It is also enriched with more fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as compared to animal protein sources. Others argue that the fact that animal proteins are complete in amino acids maybe a disadvantage. This is because if animal protein is over-consumed, it’s known to cause poor kidney function and osteoporosis (thinning of bone tissue and gradual reduction in bone density).

Therefore, the only option left for vegans and those who’s diets consist of pure plant protein is to ensure variety in their diet. This is commonly referred to as protein combining. This way they can be sure that the body gets all the essential amino acids it requires. However, proper protein combining requires a little knowledge of what proteins contain what amino acids, although the benefits are worth the trouble.


Frank Medrano is in very good shape and a more natural approach has helped his skin to age slower and tone his muscles. His dedication to practicing calisthenics and his vegan diet is inspiring to those who want to get lean, strong and tones. He is living proof that you don’t need all these shakes and diets online to succeed in getting the body you can only dream of.It is amazing to watch his videos to see where he started doing his calisthenics and his vegan diet, looking at his recent videos you can see the dedication and mental persistence to transform his body to a healthy, natural, ripped and toned physique. Frank Medrano has many video from beginner to the more experienced with calisthenics; he has a wide range of vegan tips and videos to show you the possibilities of changing your diet. Frank Medrano is truly an inspiration and an idol to us all showing us that it is possible if you push the boundaries you set within your own mind. Frank Medrano natural supplement is natural,safe and without any side effect …I think it’s your time to try them.

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