Top 10 Free Standing Pull Up Bar Reviewed

Are you in the process of searching for a good free standing pull up bar for your gym workout at home? If you don’t have enough funds to purchase expensive or luxurious ones such as treadmills, but you want to enjoy satisfying workouts on demand, a pull up station bar comes as one of the most effective and cheapest equipment for losing weight and getting into shape in the shortest time possible.pull-up-free-standing

Used by trainers Millennia ago to give gladiators the superior upper body strength and stamina they required to survive and now used in today’s world by many organizations as the standard test for strength and fitness “like military physical training test”.

Whether you’re new to the exercise or a seasoned hand you’ll know that being able to perform this exercise shows true upper body strength and control. It can be performed anywhere there is a horizontal bar strong enough and high enough for you to hang from but this may not suit some people. That is where a specially designed and engineered piece of equipment comes in. The pull-up bar!

They have unique designs that don’t need a lot of space to work well and have systems  that support a range lower and upper body exercises.

Free standing pull-up bars have several advantages over other workout equipment:

  • They are generally cheap compared to the monthly prices of gym membership
  • They are easily portable. They are light in weight hence possible to move them from one point to another.
  • They are great for home gyms since they are collapsible for easy storage or maintenance.
  • One can perform a variety of exercises on standing pull-up bars with no limits e.g. wide grip pull-ups and muscle-ups.
  • Some bars can offer dip exercises attachments or alternative pull-up grips.
  • They can be constructed with adjustable height to suit your needs.
  • The pull-up bars are portable: easy to assemble and install compared to other gym equipment.

Even though a good number of well-designed standing pull up bars are available in online shops, buy one of the following top 10 pull up machines  for the best experience.

1.Stamina | X Fortress Power Tower with Rings.

Build a lean and clean muscles with the great Stamina Fortress edition. This power tower is a very comprehensive free standing pull up bar. Even in a gym, one has to use multiple stations or machines. This is the only power tower that includes a pull-up bar, stronghold grips, adjustable plyo box,Climbing space, dip bar,and boulderabs straps hand holds.

It has a solid frame construction and therefore the Fortress Power Tower assures you stability while using it no matter where you are hanging. The plyo box’s non-slip jumping surface on it allows someone to build their lower body strength without fear of mishap.

The dip bar and pull-up bar will give you the ability to do a lot of exercises variations of  pull-up,  push-ups and triceps dip, . They also allow one to work their abs hardly with vertical knee raises . For more challenge, try V and Stronghold grips. When you are ready to work on your lower body, include plyometric training like step ups, single leg squats and box jumps . Why are you still hesitating to make a change?Get lean, get strong and also build your Fortress!

2.Dragon Door Bodyweight Master.

Muscle up and pull up are the two body weights need a sturdy piece of equipment that will deliver their full benefits. Because to get noble muscles on to your upper body—and get the great results you want from your Pulls—you require the heavy-duty equipment to match your endeavors. Enter the peerless dragon door bodyweight master free standing pull-up bar. It is designed by Dragon Door’s workout specialists to specifically address the demands of the advanced levels bodyweight exercise fanatics. This unit is tough and in fact, looks tough. It clearly reflects the toughness its intended users. This great pull-up bar doubles up on your dips, with detachable bars and units that allow all kinds of challenges and heights. The Dip units at the top position let you set up for more joint friendly neutral-grip pull-ups. This is one of the best investments in your strength and health that you can bank on and offer you great overall athletic enhancement and physical gains! More on why it is the final solution for your home based exercise needs.

The bodyweight master standing pull-up bar offers the perfect solution to those who want to do low-bar work e.g. Australian pull-ups. This is enabled by its multiple low settings. So, no more struggle with ergonomically wretched devices or jiggly rigs that can at any time frustrate with their weak, inadequate results. This kind of equipment is usually doomed to become very expensive coat hangers. It can never frustrate you and offers you the best of your goals.

3.Stamina 1690 Power Tower.

The Stamina 1690 Power Tower is great and unique to workout, sculpt, and strengthen your entire body. This is the unit for you if you are serious about working out. Stamina 1690 power tower features secure, comfortable, foam hand grips for ergonomic pull-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups. This simple piece also features vertical knee raises, triceps dips, and versatile workouts for abs, chest, back, and arms. It includes slip end caps and has a 250-pound weight capacity. The Stamina Products are dedicated to building a strong and healthy body. Stamina products outperform the competition by maintaining consistent quality, effective communication, and superior service.

Stamina 1690 works great in any home based gym. It has a no-slip end caps ensures the unit does not damage your carpet and helps to stabilize it. The 1960 power tower has unique features of non-slip end caps, multiple workouts in a single equipment, it sculpts your abs, back, arms and chest, it also has multiple positions and comfortable hand grips. Have it with you to ensure you get stronger and healthier.

4.Amber Sporting Goods Space Saver VKR Workout Tower.

Judging the Amber Sporting Goods Space Saver VKR Workout Tower just the name, it is probably one of the most compact workouts towers out right now, without sacrificing durability, function, and stability. Its high-quality foam installed for the vertical knee raise boasts comfort. This enables you to achieve your best throughout the workout. It has a two-inch square tube base which has non-slip foot caps.

Its space saving design and a small footprint is one of its most unique features. This allows the machine to be placed perfectly against the wall. It also has epoxy powder coat finish on the backrest and reinforced pull-up bars which assure you of the longevity of the tower. You should know that the machine also has a pull-up station for overall upper body development, a chin-up bar, a vertical knee raise for abs development, and parallel dip bars for triceps and chest development.

The Amber Space Saver VKR Workout Tower is a good pull up and dip bar that allows anyone to perform several exercises in a single versatile machine. These exercises include close grip pull-ups, and wide grip push-ups, vertical knee raises, dips, among others. These exercises use your body weight as resistance. This puts your muscles to test. This equipment is designed to empower your core and offer you more strength.

This equipement with its versatility, stability, usefulness and the space-saving features, it is truly a steal in its cost. The machine is an essential addition to any commercial or home gym. It is considered one of the lowest-priced and high-quality workout towers in the market. This will be a perfect choice if you are on a budget.

5.IRONMAN Triathlon X Class Multi-Function Power Tower.

This power tower saves you from 2.4 miles swim race, 112 miles of a bicycle race and 26.2-mile marathon run. The Ironman brand is a summary of perseverance, excellence, passion, commitment, and the spirit of never give up. With this machine, you can take the same commitment as the participants of Ironman Triathlon to achieve great fitness results. IRONMAN Fitness took on the challenge to design and develop a heavy-duty high-end home, strength, weight, and light commercial grade training equipment. You don’t need to go to the gym if you can get the workout you need in your house.

Perfectly work your abs and master raises for your legs! It has dip handles that with a 26-inch spacing. The machine also has large foam dipped hand grips for sure grip and ensuring extra comfort during the exercise. The heavy duty steel tube frame is powder coated. We cannot ignore the leg raise handles which have foam rollers and two adjustable positions to enable multiple exercises. It also has seven mounting positions for adjustment of handle bars. The 2.25 inch thick angled cushions for the forearm facilitates elbow support and comfortable forearm. Multiple grips help one to sculpt and strengthen your back, triceps, lats and biceps, and the chest using varied hand positions. The main frame of this machine is angled to rest the back of the cushion and stabilize side movements. The three position adjustable stability beam ensures additional stability and safety while exercising.

IRONMAN Triathlon X CLASS Multi-Function works lower and upper core abdominals while dip station strengthens biceps. Exercises for strength training include sit ups, dips, push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, leg and vertical knee raises, progressive push-ups/chin-ups/ pull-ups/single leg squat and stretch. This machine has four bolt holes for mounting the unit to the ground for extra stability.

6.All-in-one Pull Up Bar by Trapeze.

This equipement is one of the most popular portable pull up bar. It is designed for easy assembly and transport. It weighs only 23 pounds and has a unique standalone design which works successfully outdoors and indoors. It has a no tool design hence easy to assemble. It’s made of rust and corrosion free aluminum. The low density of aluminum makes contributes to its light weight. This machine comes in seven pieces which are easy to transport since they fit in a small 48”x 8”x8” box. It has well-welded beams that can’t crumble under pressure. It has well-padded and gripped handles and its flexible design supports a lot of weight.

Its height is 92” hence perfect for most of the rooms but also goes well for outdoor use throughout the year. Remember the bar adjusts down to 77”. It has the best priced of all portable pull up bars. It has a high weight limit of 350 pounds. The machine comes with a super built-in stabilizer with a cross bar across your feet.

It has a one inch thick top bar which can be ordered with or without the neutral grip handles (extensions). The top bar allows you do chin ups, “neutral-grip” pull-ups and push-ups.

It is possible to remove the top half making the top bar is 3.5 feet high. This allows you to do inclined push-ups, dips, and inclined pull ups. Since the machine is light, most sellers offer free shipping to their customers.

7. Titan Power Rack Squat Deadlift HD.

The HD Power Rack has a number of advantages over standard rack designs. It has an increased weight capacity of 1000 lbs. it also has a dip bar attachment which increases the upper body exercises available for you.

In this review, we take a look the overall design benefits, sample exercises for lower and upper body workouts. The assembly is not difficult but requires at least two people to assemble this machine. The rack is very sturdy. You can perform different exercises with confidently with it. Its construction material is outstanding.

If you are looking to train with heavy free weights at your home, you must have a solid rack. They need a fair amount of space but you should bear in mind that the size of the internal floor space, safety offered by the rails, and strength of the frame allow you to perform the most of the compound exercises. Flat steel feet are added to all corners of the frame at the base. This help to prevent any damage to the floor and improve stability.

The feet face outwards to maximize the space you have inside the rack. This prevents the risk of catching your feet on anything as you rack or unrack the weight. The front this frame provides a pull-up bar which is set back shorter distances to help you position yourself at the center of the frame. This translates to more even weight distribution.

Titan HD also has added weight plate storage pegs on either side of the rack. They help to prevent the frame from moving and weigh it down. Having the freedom to place the weight plates at various points has the benefit of not getting in the way of the fully loaded bar, whether the exercise is bench press or squats. The strong eleven-gauge steel frame, low price, and free shipping make it a popular competitor in the market.

Some of the upper body workouts of on the Titanic HD Power Rack include: partial deadlifts, barbell rows, shrugs, upright rows, overhead barbell presses, decline bench press, flat bench press Pull ups, chin ups, and dips. Lower body workouts options on the machine include: front squat, back squat, calf raises, barbell lunges, and stiff-legged deadlift.

8. Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

CAP Barbell has introduced the FM-CB8000F Deluxe Power Rack which is loaded with a number of safety and comfort features. Its main frame is a combination of 14 and 12 gauge steel for thickness. It’s great in enhancing your squats, pull-ups, and deadlifts. The tube seams are fully welded to provide additional stability and strength. It is coated with a three step powder for unique durability of this machine. For extra support, the overhead workout station is made of high-quality tubular steel welded to mounting plates which have mini-gussets.

All its open frame ends are well capped to prevent inner oxidation and for safety. The steel components of this cage are powder sealed and coated. Bar holders include an ABS sleeve to prevent scratches while removing or storing a bar. There are also mounting tabs so you can mount the CAP Barbell directly to the floor for maximum safety and stability.
Cap Barbell power rack stand is an all-inclusive choice for people who desire functionality and safety of a lifting cage while including features that allow the unit to be used as a resistance training tool. The included bar catches can be used to assist while performing curls, squats deadlifts and more. The overhead workout bar is used for bodyweight training.

9.Rep Power Rack with Dual Pull-up Bars.

Rep power rack is designed to fit under your ceiling and under your budget. At 82 inch tall, it is a wonderful power rack to put in a garage or spare bedroom gym. It is made of 2”x2″ steel frames and has two-inch hole spacing on the working area. It also has extra bar holders on front of its safeties. Its pull ups are 1.25 inch by 2 inches. It has padded dip handles which have an adjustable width. It has 400 lbs. dip attachment capacity, seven hundred lbs. weight capacity and a 400lbs. pull-up bar capacity.

The machine has weight horns on the back for added utility and stability. Rep Fitness is a great fitness equipment company. Support for the product is provided in-house by knowledgeable persons with a passion for fitness. It includes a power rack with dual pull-up bars, two-inch flat grip, and a 1.25” standard. Options include dip or bench attachment. It includes four different seat adjustments and seven ladder adjustments. Its roller pads lock the legs in place for proper decline work. You have options to choose the power rack by itself, rack with bench, with dip attachment, or just a pair of j-cups without a rack.

10.XMark Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar.

XMark Power Tower with Dip Station and pull-up Bar is designed to build powerful back and ab muscles and define your upper body. The pull-up/chin-up bar strengthens your arm and upper back muscles, a vertical knee raise strengthens your core while enhancing your abs and ergonomically-spaced double dip handles works on your triceps. All the handles on this machine are covered in anti-slip rubber to prevent hand slippage as you exercise.

Make an instant change in your body fitness with XMark which is a mark of excellence. It incorporates a vertical knee raise, pull-up, dip, and push-up stations. It has wide and narrow grip pull-up bar. The mainframe is constructed of 14 gauge steel with scratch resistant powder coating. Slip resistant rubber feet protect damage to the floor. It is also great due to its flexibility, and ergonomic design to suit various exercise regimens and body types.



Using a great free standing pull-up bars for your gym is a great experience. It will allow you to take your exercises any time you are free whether at night or during the day. It saves you the time you can take going to a fitness center for the same purpose. They are also more convenient since the usage time is not limited when you have them at your home.

Use of this great equipment improves your health and fitness of both upper and lower body. They save you money that you could use to pay at the gym or fitness centers. They will make you lose weight and burn excess body fats giving you a perfect shape. Those who have used them before have a better story to tell you.

Most of us underestimate how creative and strong they are. For workouts, one only needs to start with a single rep. After that, you decide where the journey will take you. One’s reaction to failure is a test of their passion. It helps you know if you really want to achieve your target. Just be yourself.

Remember the experience will not be very sweet at the start but it gets great with persistence and perseverance. Pain is basic for successful workouts despite the equipment one uses to perform the exercises. Get yourself a great free-standing pull-up bar and you shall never regret your experience. They are readily available in different prices, sizes and designs. Always go for the best. All the best as you posi