The Essential 3 Month Ghetto Workout Routine : Start Now

A popular excuse that is used many times by people looking to get in shape is that they don’t have time or the right equipment to get fit. This is common to hear but if you look at places like the inner cities you will find that a ghetto workout is more than enough to get the body you deserve.

What Is The Ghetto Workout ?

Several years ago an underground film was made title, “The 24 Hour ” In this movie there are several men in urban neighborhoods working out by simply using their environment and their surroundings as a gym. These men lacked equipment but they showed that with using some creativity and objects at their disposal they could turn their neighborhood in to their personal gym. Now Bar Brothers family is the biggest  street workout movement  around the world .

Although there has been a myth that in order to get in shape you need high-end equipment or a gimmick in an infomercial the truth is that all you really need is your body. Maybe you have been led to believe that bodyweight workouts won’t get you looking fit and lean but the truth is that you will get many benefits by using your body.


Cardio And Strength Training Rolled In To One

Bodyweight routines like those performed in the ghetto work out are advantageous, as they not merely assist you to gain muscle but can assist you burn fat. Performing body weight exercises require effort and therefore will increase your cardiovascular capabilities much higher than in the event that you were doing weight training exercise. Sure, you won’t have the good thing about doing bench presses but having a high physique takes a lot more than simply just doing bench presses.

A sample Ghetto Workout Program

  1. 15 Push Ups
  2. 10 Draw Ups or do as much as possible
  3. 10 Chin Ups or do as much as possible (excellent for back again and biceps)
  4. 10 Bodyweight Jump Squats
  5. 10 Lunges each leg
  6. 10 Hand Stand Force Ups

Perform the circuit without stopping and do it again for a complete of three to four 4 times two or three 3 times weekly on non-consecutive days. In the video folks substitute pull up pubs with stop lamps or fences. The bars can be ups used to do pull, chin and hanging leg raises ups.

The work out laid out above is basic however is a brilliant approach regardless if you have no gear or don’t have a wellness focus enrollment. By undertaking this circuit of activities constant you will raise your heart rate and get yourself a cardio advantage aswell. In the event that you need to incorporate some cardio to the workout you can only run sprints instead of running. For a cardio routine to incorporate 3 times week by week you can do the following.

  • Walk/jog For 2 minutes
  • Sprint at an easy pace for 1 minute
  • Walk/jog for 2 minutes
  • Sprint at an easy pace for 1 minute
  • Walk/jog for 2 minutes
  • Sprint at an easy pace for 1 minute
  • Walk/jog for 2 minutes
  • Sprint at an easy pace for 1 minute
  • Walk/jog for 2 minutes
  • Sprint at an easy pace for 1 minute

The Ghetto system is a fairly intense home exercise system based on their Bar Brotehrs site membership . The main claim is that you will get a ripped and lean body after 90 days. This routine is not easy, but then no real form of physical improvement is easy. It does require you to put real effort into it to get the proper results. It is also not for a complete beginner who is in poor shape. It is considered to be a relatively rigorous program.Watch the video below for mativation

Muscle Confusion

The main concept of the Ghetto program is muscle confusion. This theory simply means that by performing various workouts and regularly trying new exercises your body keeps adapting and does not get stagnant and stall. This should help prevent you from reaching a plateau at which you do not improve your fitness level. This type of periodization and variation does make good physiological sense and is one of the reasons this program can yield good results. A lot of folks get frustrated in their fitness efforts because they keep doing the exact same routine and without a new challenge their body stops making improvement.

When following the Ghetto routine you will change your weekly schedule every 3 to 4 weeks. You can also focus your daily routine on the various fitness areas that are addressed in each workout level.

Military Style Training Is Ghetto Workout !

High frequency bodyweight exercise is the main reason military personnel have a strong, muscular and lean physique!

If you noticed, the majority of military personnel have fine physiques, and not the bloated, muscular look of modern day bodybuilders.That’s right, hearing “Drop and give me 20″ every few minutes really builds a strong upper body!

The fact is, the military lifestyle is much more active than the lives of the majority of people in civilian life… and this increase in activity leads to a stronger, leaner and fitter physique. And one of the things that makes up this increase in activity is bodyweight calisthenics exercises. Morning calisthenics and the use of bodyweight exercises during the day as a training tool, (punishment), is responsible for building a physique that not only looks good… but performs great as well!

So, how can you use high frequency bodyweight exercise to improve your physique and performance?

Try this…

Every hour you are awake perform the following circuit…

-5 Push ups
-10 Combination Crunches.
-10 Free Squats.

Just so you understand, this means every hour you will perform the above circuit once… then wait and hour and repeat for as long as you are awake.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, this high frequency bodyweight exercise is surprisingly challenging… and will do wonders for creating a military physique. If you are awake 16 hours you would complete.

-80 push ups.
-160 combination crunches.
-160 free squats.

… every day!

This may not sound like much, but this high frequency bodyweight exercise really adds up!

Give high frequency bodyweight exercise a try!


Bar Brothers  Workout Review:


If you are already at a fair fitness level this can be an excellent program for reducing body fat and increasing muscle conditioning. On the bar brothers system Lazar Novovic and  Dusan Djolevic  provides a very good explanation of all the exercises. This is a home workout program which means that you can pause the video when you want to go at your own desired pace.

There is plenty of variation which is a good challenge for your body and helps prevent you from getting mentally bored with the routine. This routine is clearly laid out for you so you should have not any problems following along. The nutritional aspect is also very well covered with plenty of variety as well. If you consider yourself a real fitness enthusiast then you will find this an intense and challenging program, you will get challenging workouts and you will most likely enjoy completing the 90 days.

_ If your main fitness goal is to increase muscle size and strength you will probably see better results following bar brothers training program


This is a program that is only for people in good physical condition and it is not intended for those who are in very poor condition, obese, have physical movement limitations or have a chronic disease. As with any exercise program you should consult your physician before you begin.

Bottom Line

It sounds simple at first – for 90 days you follow a specific program and at the end of 90 days you will be leaner, stronger and more fit than ever before. But like any real fitness endeavor it does require motivation and dedication. If you do follow the program as laid out you should get good fitness results. While this is  for beginners, since it is a a good program, but if you are rather fit and work hard to complete this system your fitness level should improve and learning new freestyle workout.Click here to join Bar Brothers Movement