What Makes Kale The Perfect Super Food ?

What is it that makes kale such a super food? What’s with the trend of adding Kale to everything?

Well there are probably a lot more benefits than you even realize, stored deep within this green plant. We’ll list some of the best reasons that you might want to consider adding kale to your daily smoothie right here:


1.Kale contains all of the essential amino acids any body needs. But in addition provides you with tons of additional amino acids. Plus, while many foods contain essential amino acids, Kale is easier for your body to break down and put to use. Take meat for example, that’s really hard for your body to metabolize. But kale is easy, and provides even more nutrients.
2.Contains essential Omega 3 fatty acids which lower cholesterol and improve the quality of your skin and hair. Who doesn’t want to look better and live longer right?
3.Kale has a ton of great vitamins that help to improve all of your normal daily functions. Including your energy level, as well as your eyesight, and everything else that contributes to your daily life.
4.You don’t lose any benefit when using Kale as a supplement in smoothies versus eating the vegetable raw.
So really this is the kind of thing you need to check out. Super foods like these make it easy for you to take in more nutrients, and really get your body full of the good stuff. The more you eat the better you are going to feel.

Plus in smoothie form you can combine Kale with all sorts of great super foods, to make ultimate smoothies that will have you energized, and looking and feeling healthier than ever. While it’s not always the best tasting vegetable, there are tons of great recipes to cover up the taste, or really transform it into something you won’t mind in your daily diet.