Kali Muscle’s Workout Routine And Diet: Be The Next Hulk


Kali Muscle is a bodybuilder, social media personality, actor, author, motivational speaker and philanthropist who is widely known all over  YouTube  and other media platforms for his exceptional muscular development ,his age 41 years old ” born 1975 ” married withdvyne whitfield without children until now . The most outstanding thing, from the first time one sees him, is his arms. Massive 25-inch arms from a claimed natural, enhancement-free lifestyle. Every single one of his muscles is extremely well-developed and large. In fact, he is just about one of the largest men one can come across who has that small of a waist and that low of a body fat  percentage ” 5%” .

Kali Muscle Diet & Workout: Take Steroids Or Naturally ?

People have been perplexed by his claim of not using steroids to make his gains. Controversy has sparked and raged for decades over the likelihood, or even possibility, that he was telling the truth. We should get this out of the way right now because this article cannot help you if you believe the person on whom it is based is making fallacious claims. First of all, it is absolutely possible to make those kinds of muscular gains with natural inputs alone. Look at strongmen, powerlifters, arm wrestlers, CrossFit athletes and even other bodybuilders. They eat ridiculous amounts of food and put in the work to match. Depending on their respective fields of expertise, they work on their technique, strength, diet, form, explosiveness, endurance, aesthetics, cardio, mass and definition for several hours of every given day. Even when they are resting, they are fulfilling the requirements for the achievement of their various goals.

My point is that a strongman will eat to the point of gagging, and then eat again shortly thereafter. And then eat again and again and again. Top bodybuilders will tell you the only secret is EAT MORE, WORK MORE. Some insist that you eat as many as six meals a day. Kali has videos up on YouTube where he shows people how to make 2000-calorie meals. I suggest to watch this 12 minutes video when he show exacty how to cook high calories recipes


The simple premise is to take in more calories while still eating clean.  He specifically insists that you work more and more and attributes his muscular development to just that. So, it is possible to get that big on food alone. I am not mentioning supplements because a huge number of those in the market have been found to be tainted with banned substances, which include steroids. So if there is anywhere Kali might be found with fault, it is in the taking of supplements, which I cannot say with certainty he has or has not taken. These banned substances have also been found in hard drugs which he has admittedly taken. Do you want to double immediatly  your muscle gains ? Read anabolic cooking guide : over 200 quick and easy bodybuilding recipes and say good bye to the boring meals plans .

Kali Muscle Workout & Nutrition: Before and After Jail

A counter to that would be that he continued to make gains during the eleven-year sentence that he served in San Quentin State Prison in California. Here he would barely have access to sufficient food to sustain and increase his awesome mass, let alone narcotics. Though it should be noted that he claims steroids actually were accessible and he once turned a fellow inmate down when the man offered Kali some. He said, “I was big enough already.” Furthermore, gym equipment was withdrawn from the prison system while he was still incarcerated so he had to turn to calisthenics and resistance training with paper bags and pillow cases for exercise. And he still grew!

Lastly, steroid users are visually distinguishable from naturally muscular people. It takes a keen eye to notice the skin, abnormal veins and lack of proportion that comes with steroid abuse. Mind you Kali is extremely veiny, but not necessarily in the way caused by steroids. All this can be hidden, though. So look at sudden balding, appearance of male breasts and sterility. Well, Kali Muscle has children and a normal chest. He also didn’t suddenly become massive but loved the gym from an early age, was unbelievably powerful even then and played high school and college football as well as other sports.

Genetics undeniably played a role in him acquiring the sort of strength and size he has. Not that people with genetics that are less predisposed to mass and power cannot necessarily achieve what he has. It’s just that some people have been granted a head start by nature and he is one of them. It would take mammoth dedication for someone who has the natural frame and genes of say, a long distance runner to build a body like Kali’s. It would be a much greater accomplishment than someone who has the genes of a football running back.

Also, despite his age, he has no apparent loss of gains and is actually bigger every time you see him. You might argue that oestrogen blockers and testosterone replacement therapy can be used to mask steroid use, and I would have to agree with you, because they can. We can go back and forth on this but I want you to take away from this that it is entirely possible that Kali looks like that without ever touching an anabolic steroid. Take the focus away from whether he did or didn’t. What does it matter anyway? Unless you have Jeff Novitzky and a team of specialists from the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), or a similar team, you’re not going to ever know for sure. And even then, you still might not. But don’t join the massive crowd of sceptics that troll his YouTube channel and turn this into a witch hunt. It is not your business to know or believe that he is natural. What is important is that it is possible.

Personally, I believe he has never intentionally taken any steroids. But if he didn’t always know for sure the contents of everything he ever put in his body, some of which was questionable, by his own confession, then there is no way of knowing without USADAs help. I have given this issue this much attention because it is a major source of controversy and is partially responsible for elevating him to the heights he now finds himself at. People cannot wrap their brains around how big he is, let alone that he is supposedly natural. And I suppose it is human nature for people to react the way do when something seems just too good to be true. But if you want to attain a physique like his- or that of a Phil Heath (six-time Mr. Olympia) or a championship form Arnold Schwarzenegger by understanding or emulating his lifestyle choices- you will pay attention to his life (bits and pieces of which I have already mentioned). Get Xcon to Icon: The Kali Muscle Story a great book writed by Kali himself and show his transformation from no one to a famous bodybuilder worldwide .

It is easy to note the training philosophies he used by dividing his life up into the main chronological categories: before prison, during his sentence and after his release.


Before Prison

As a child and early teen, kali was very normal-looking. But he recalls turning to the gym as an escape from the troubles of his young life. Here he excelled and found that he was exceptionally gifted with strength. He was in the gym all the time and gained size very quickly. He became stronger by the day and recalls “bench-pressing 500 pounds at nineteen” (age) and performing all sorts of other crazy accolades in the gym. This is the period in his life when he tried and did virtually everything, including drugs like ecstasy. These are his words, not mine. You can visit his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/KaliMuscle  to see for yourself. He has an interesting life, to put it mildly. He wasn’t brought up in the best-off part of California (Oakland was riddled with violence and poverty) so we know his meals must have been very basic for the most part. But we also know that he understood the principle of calorie surplus because he took the understanding of it with him even to prison. Calorie surplus simply entails eating way more than you burn. Without this you cannot grow because it is the food that builds your body. Without the building blocks, proteins, carbohydrates, fat, electrolytes, amino acids and minerals, you could train all day but never see results as far as size goes. The man who would train young Kali remembers, Kali always going for the heaviest weight possible for any exercise he was performing. He remembers he would tell him to put it down and use the lighter weights because swinging the weight around didn’t necessarily mean he was working the muscle he was trying to work. Kali attests to the truth in the old man’s statement and even tells his viewers that when they see him lift gargantuan weights he is normally already done with the true workout. He insists that you should never move around weight but focus on the actual contraction and expansion of the muscle using a weight that can allow you to do that. In his videos you will see him do what are known as half-reps where he doesn’t always extend or contract the muscle fully as convention would have you do it. This is another cause for debate and endless back and forth arguing within the fitness community.


  • – Calorie surplus

  • – Constant Training

  • – Time Under Tension


During Prison Sentence

In San Quentin, Kali used the above principles to steadily increase his already awe-inspiring physique but was forced to adapt and learn even more when the weights were taken away. He used anything he could find to create resistance including water bottles, trash bags and even other inmates. He was passionate even to a fault, in the eyes of the system which saw him punished for and dissuaded from any sort of activity that was meant to increase his fitness or strength. He did body weight exercises, innumerable reps with moderate resistances… anything he could do to train, he would do. Here, he would take eating for mass to a whole new level and paid specific attention to eating for purpose’. This is another mantra that he tirelessly repeats. He insists that eating is the most useful tool in sculpting your body to meet the specifications of your choice. He lamented that the Top Ramen which he had no choice but to eat while in prison collectively gave him unhealthy levels of sodium and claimed that the tendency of the sodium to retain water gives one a bloated, unappealing look. The noodles, Dunkin’ Sticks and honey bars, he says, were the staples of his diet while incarcerated.



    • – Eat With Purpose

    • – Eat Healthy

    • – Train, Train, Train

    • – Calisthenics Build Muscle Too

    • – Determination & Passion


After Release

After his sentence was served, Kali’s main problem with his physique was that his legs were “too small”. He says his legs were the only parts of his body that were left behind because, apparently, with the weights gone, there was no way to truly train them as hard as he could his arms and chest, for example. Squatting with other inmates on his back developed his legs but not quite well enough. So he hit the gym and trained them hard. Pretty soon they were on par with the rest of his body and are actually quite outstanding. He did this by training heavy, which he couldn’t do while incarcerated. This is called progressive overload and is, along with calorie surplus, the most effective and important part of bodybuilding. For gains to be seen you have to tax the muscle more and more, because it adapts to match the demands of the last training session, which is actually how one grows. Therefore, you have to challenge each muscle every single time otherwise you will hit a plateau in your development. This is why body builders take their bodies to torturous extremes to eke every last bit of potential out.


  • – Progressive Overload

  • – Train Heavy To Overcome Plateaus

  • – Lift Until You Can Lift No More


If Kali did it, all you need to do to know that it worked is look at him. If you want more resources on bodybuilding visit MI40 by Benjamin Pakulski for bigger muscles