Lazar Novovic Diet: Get Ripped & Cut Below 7% Body Fat

What if i told you one thing and one thing only that could make your get that perfect abs or body shape that you are craving for day and night?You’d be damned sure that one thing was the best it could be right?You’d obsess over it.You’d be willing to spend as much time as it took hours if needed to be- to make sure it was perfect..Well, it is true.There is one thing that is powerfulI to build strong muscles is bar brothers nutrition system  .

Lazar Novovic Diet Plan For Achieving A Steamy Body Shape.

The key to growing bigger and stronger muscles is not to fantasize about it and thinking that you are going to get them.The key lies in setting clear specify goals and making a workout routine plan to achieve them.In his interviews, Lazar Novovic states, “the reasons why some brothers fail before even they try out any exercise programs, is the lack of goals.”You are excited about it but you don’t know the results that you want.Here, are some four principles to follow when creating your exercise goals plans.First, create a routine that best fits your schedule.In short, when and what time do you want to exercise?Second, write down the results you want to achieve.It my be to get that perfect ab, or to build those biceps and triceps muscles.Knowing the results you want to achieve in your exercise programs is the key to getting the right mindset to train.Third, get your training gears.Make sure you have a comfortable shirt, if your prefer gloves which can prevent blisters.The last which is the most important of all, is to act and persist until you get the results that you want.

Lazar Novic Diet Plan Plus Principle For Achieving Naturally Results.

Exercise alone won’t give you the required body shape you want.You must eat health diet that gives your body the necessary nutrient to build and expand your muscles for that I suggest for readers to follow Bar Brothers diet .Now, when it comes to diet lots of people get it wrong.Actually this the main reason why some people never get the body shape they want.But here are the solutions.Follow Lazar Novovic principle when it comes to diet: Count your calories and make your calories count, because hormones count even more.In simple terms, you need to consume more energy than you burn.Otherwise you will never gain a single gram of weight if your calorie intake is not where you need it to be to gain weight.And for you to even get better results it would be vital to check your weight and calories regularly.Make no mistake!!!!
Now let us dive into:



Principles To Optimize Your Diet, Start Burning Fat And Building  Muscles.

Principle 1:  Drink the right liquidsDrink only water and tea to stay hydrated and cleanse your body of toxins.Stay away from the so-called “sports drinks or healthy energy drinks” like Red Bull, Rockstar or Monster.Why? Because study after study has shown they contain hidden sugars which are unhealthy.As bonus, you can also drink coffee which has now been known to increases your energy level and burns more fats

   Principle 2:  Stay away from refined from sugar, dairy and mostly grainsThis is essentials in keeping your insulin level in check to burn fats and testosterone level to build muscle.This also helps you prevents inflammations.Now let me shock you a little bit.According to the National Center For Biotechnology Information(NCBI), not only do people who drink milk have no stronger bones than those who don’t, they actually have more fractures and weaker bones, a high risk of cancer and a high risk of heart failure.Say bye to refined sugars and dairy but be selective on grains.

   Principle 3:  Maintain an 8-hour windowEat all your meals within 8 a windowto optimize your digestions, supercharge your recovery and testosterone and anti-fragilize your body.Now, basically, this means that when you adhere to an intermittent fasting schedule your testosterone hormone increases by 180%.And the hormones that responsible for muscles building grows at the rate of 2000% over a 24 hour fast while at the same time removing toxins in your body and start repairs.Now you may think this are my words or findings.Nope, they are actually from National Center For Biotechnology Information(NCBI)  .
   Principle 4:  Experiment With Fastened Training.Don’t eat food before you go to exercise because it can spike your insulin level. Which is beneficial for burning fats.Now some of the information from this 4 principles may sound like the lie because they challenge your complete world view of food.But its what guys like Lazar Novovic place in their hearts when it comes to calisthenics and street work out.Follow this six pack abs routine suggested by Lazar Novovic to acheive quick results

Bar Brothers  Diet Plan To Achieve Superb Results For Gaining Weight And Muscles.

   Drink 8am-12pm: Consume lots of liquids before you eat.10-15 mins before work consume some black coffee. It is great booster but don’t drink too much.
   Meal 1-12pm: Take 2-3 boiled eggs or baked in coconut oil with some spinach or other green vegetables and a hand filled with nuts or almonds.
1 or 2 glass filled with lime or lemon
   Meal 2-3:30 pm: 1-2 cups of white rice or 2 sweet potatoes with 1-200 grams of chicken with cashew nuts and green vegetables with nuts.
1 or 2 glass of tea, water with lime or lemon.
   Meal 3-6:00 pm:1-2 cups of white rice or 2 sweet potatoes with 1-200 grams of chicken with cashew nuts and green vegetables with nuts.
1 or 2 glass of tea, water with lime or lemon.
   Meal 4-6:30 pm: mixed berries with 1-2 apples topped with cinnamon and sunflower seeds.
I have taken the time to give you some few meals that can help you gain more calories.The list is long and as you become calorie surplus am sure you will find more diet recipes to add to your schedule.
Here is what I want you to do next after reading this article.Actually, it will motivate you especially if you are a guy who is skinny or not and your are probably wondering: What’s in it for me.Take the words of Richard Andoh, a Calisthenics guru:”Genes alone do not determine whether you are skinny, fat or muscular.Genes alone do not determine whether you can or cannot do a scorpion stand, pull up or push up.Genes function only by being activated or expressed and the nutrition you choose to put into your body plays a critical role in determining which genes, good or bad you allow being expressed.


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