Bar Brothers System Review: Lazar Novovic’s Calisthenics Program

aAre you tired of the same old gym routine that provides the same old results? Well if you haven’t heard about the Bar Brothers then you are in for a treat.  Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic have created a movement that is causing a stir. The Bar Brothers 12-week system workout plan is comprised of purely callisthenicor isometric workouts, which are bodyweight movements that create both a godly physique as well as a sound mind. The Bar Brother movement started in 2011 and has gained momentum as of recent. There are a lot of people who can bench press 225 pounds but how many people do you know that can do 20 to 25 bodyweight pull ups without any assistance, don’t worry I’ll wait.Let’s start

The Bar Brothers System will Change the Calisthenics Training Forever!

If you are looking to shop  a new calisthenics workout system to take your body results to the next level since the gym routine does not do it for you anymore or you are just bored of it. Well, look no more. Maybe you have never considered before your body to be the best and only piece of equipment you need in company of the ground and gravity to reach all your workout and fitness goals, if you find this statement interesting, then you should take a look at this.

Product Name: Bar Brothers The System

Product Creators : Dusan Djokolovic & Lazar Novovic

Money Back Guaranted: 60 Days

Official Website: Click Here


Wht Is Bar Brothers The System?

The Bar Brothers system is so much more than a workout routine, it’s a family. When you become a Bar Brother you join an online community that is there to support you on your journey.There are Bar Brothers all around the world posing their videos and showing their allegiance to the Bar Brother way of life. This isn’t a fad and there aren’t any supplements you need to purchase. Dusan and Lazar are trying to help change your life for the better not sell you a lie. The most refreshing part about the Bar Brothers movement is that at its core it is about helping people reach their full potential.Bar brothers system is the best calisthenics program to follow if you are looking to acheive your goals faster .


Who is Lazar Novovic & Dusan Djolevic?

Lazar came to the United States without being able to speak English. Thousands of mile away from normal, Lazar found it hard to fit in and find his place. Just as many people in the world fitting in is easier said than done and some will even compromise their own integrity to do so. Then came along Dusan who was also from a different country and came to the United States without knowing how to speak English. Dusan was in incredible shape and had a sound mindset where he would not let anything bring him down. Dusan used only calisthenics to train, he didn’t life a single weight. Lazar then started training with Dusan and from that the Bar Brothers movement was born. The Bar Brothers took to the streets to show the world what they were about, putting on displays of their body control and chiseled physique. From there, the videos were posted online and The Bar Brothers became a worldwide phenomenon.

What You Must Know About  Brothers System Before Shopping?

Let me introduce you to the Calisthenics exercises, a workout practice gaining new adepts every single day due to its amazing, fast and incredible results, consisting in the practice of a diversity of gross motor movements better explain as the movements coming from large muscles groups and full body movements where you engage the use of the arms, legs, torso, neck and back such as running, standing up, jumping, bending, walking upstairs, twisting, kicking, among many others. All rhythmical in nature and without the use of equipment or special apparatus present in the conventional body weight training. Here, you only use your body weight for resistance and the best part is that anyone can practice them despite of their fitness level. So don’t rush into conclusions and underestimate the difficulty of this exercises or the results you might obtain because with the right program and proper techniques calisthenics exercises can be conditioned to intensify or diminish the resistance allowing you to control the intensity of your workout and performance of your body getting to levels of extreme complexity and execution.

What You Will Find Inside  Bar Brothers Membership?

This system has three steps and each one contains different exercises: “The Workout” this is the moment when you start your calisthenics training, “The Community” where you get in touch with other costumers and get the motivation and advice you need to keep your training at its best and “The Requirements” this is the moment when you become a so called Bar Brother. To follow the system, they work with three different programs on their website. You can order shirts,hoodies ,T-shirts,sweatpants and the tank top from the official store .

Bar Brothers The System For Beginners  .

  The benefits of this system are innumerable and one of the most important is avoiding muscle and joint injuries usually cause by training with weights, the risk of developing a hernia or other consequences of an over demanding exercise routine with weights, saving money while there is no need of acquiring expensive equipment to train and accomplish the results and to escape from an unnatural-looking body.


 Bar Brothers System Accelerator ” intermediate workout “:

A complete guide explained step by step to take your previous training and results to the next level. Being itself an upgrade to the 12-week program created for the Bar Brothers professional team.

The Bar Brothers System Freestyle Movements ” Advanced Training for Pros ”:

A step by step tutorial of the 5 most popular calisthenics freestyle movements such as muscle up, back lever, front lever, pistol squad and the handstand pushup, all meant to complement your training routine.
With this powerful Calisthenics Program created by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic you will be able to gradually achieve a complete control over your own body, one that you never thought was possible. So don’t hesitate and give it a chance to this amazing system and start changing your body today. You will like it.



Bar Brothers Nutrition System : 

You will find the best calisthenics meal plan used by  Lazar Novovic and Dusan  . This nutrition plan will help you to gain muscles fast and move from skinny to musclar in a short time. Click here for infos 


What Bar Brothers System Value In The World of Calisthenics and Street Workout


Calisthenics are specially designed to increase your body strength, fitness and flexibility and provide the benefits of muscular and aerobic conditioning while practice vigorously and regularly. Balance, agility and coordination, basic psychomotor skills also see increasingly improvement adding to this training program and enormously fitness value difficult to beat. That is why this workout keep gaining thousands of adepts worldwide that see in Calisthenics the perfect workout system not only in results, but in affordability. This last point is one of the most appealing characteristics people find about Calisthenics exercises, the fact you only need your body to practice becomes a deal breaker at the moment of giving this particular training a chance.
And here is when Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic come into the picture, both professional trainers and followers themselves of this discipline for years, have founded The Bar Brothers System, a community where practitioners and followers of this workout discipline can meet, find support, share and follow their experiences and results to motivate each other to complete and reach the peak of their practice and gain the confidence they have been missing to achieve their best.This video show the experience and transformation  of Jacob after joining bar brothers family

That is why they have developed a unique training system based on Calisthenics practices call The Bar Brothers System target to burn your fat in a natural, fast and lasting way, claiming to be the most complete program for Calisthenics training in the fitness market right now and that has been specially designed for you to reach your full potential and transform your mind and body in a way you have never imagined. According to their creators your mind and body have equal potential but needs to be unlocked and their system will help you to unlock yours and give you the tools you need to make the connection between confidence and mindset problem most people face during their training and that keep them away from the results they can and want to achieve.


 Bar Brothers The System Benefits

The great thing about the Bar Brothers system workout plan is that no matter where your body or mind is at, this system is made to fit anybody. The Bar Brothers system workout is comprised of 5 major movements which are the muscle up, front lever, back lever, hand stand pushups and the pistol squat (one legged squat) and 3 Level of workout . The workouts are centered around building up to be able to perform these movements on a consistent basis. Although these movements are very advanced and most will not be able to complete even one rep of any of these at the beginning. The build up to be able to do these movements is where you are going to be able to challenge your mind with your body and see results. There are no special diets, supplementation regiments that you are required to purchase for your transformation. Just you a bar, concrete and your will.In my opinion is the best calisthenics and street workout routine to follow because he offer good support and daily communication in a large private facebook groupe  .

These movements are so much more than just being able to control the movement of your body. By learning how to control your body with your mind, you are actually learning how to control your mind. If you see this work out all the way to the end you will see your physique change for the better. But by the end of this program your body will not be the only part of your being that is transformed. Your mind will develop into a fortress of solitude and the new confidentyou will turn heads. Lazar talks about respecting yourself which makes so much sense because how can anyone respect you if you don’t even respect yourself? This program is so much more than an exercise routine. This program encompasses motivational videos on both life and working out. The transformation is much more than just getting a six pack or a finely defined chest. The goal for the Bar Brothers system workout plan is to help develop, human beings from all over the world and all walks of life, into the best form of themselves.

There are many pros to the Bar Brothers workout routine, for starters there is no expensive gym membership required that could run you on average anywhere from 250 to as much as 850 dollars a year. Since you are only using your body weight you are not putting any extra strain on your joints, which will mean far less susceptibility to injury. With no expensive supplements to buy or special high calorie diets to follow there are no hidden costs. With most workout routines, they talk about having a gym membership and then come the wraps and other accessories need to weight train. Next thing you know you are in $400 to $500, before you even workout. The Bar Brothers workout routine is all about you mastering your body with your mind. Right now the Bar Brothers have a 100% money back guarantee on their System program and if you aren’t satisfied with the results in the first 60 days you can get your $47 refunded. With this money back guarantee this program is a no brainer.Watch this real review by a new calisthenics addict

Bar Brothers System Cons

An obvious con of the Bar Brothers workout plan is that some movements are difficult and could resort in injury if done improperly (just like any other workout plan). So far there is not much negative information circulating about the Bar Brother Movement and this is usually an indication that it is for real. Although one can sit and think of negative things for so long and come up with ways that things are negative and this is exactly what the Bar Brothers Movement is trying to change. Lazar and Dusan are trying to change the world with a bar and a vision. They are trying to change both your body and your mind for the better, are you ready for the 12 week challenge?

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