Lazar Novovic Workout Routine And Diet For Calisthenics

Do you want to lose that pudge? Feel like your arms are a little flabby? You can get nice and toned just in time for summer. It won’t happen overnight, but it can be done. Have you ever gone to the gym and felt intimidated by those who were already looking toned and strong? No worries. You can have all of that in the comfort of your own home!
With the Lazar Novovic workout routine developed by calisthenics famous trainer Lazar Novovic 25 years old from Serbia and located now in united states, you can follow his same journey and get a muscular and toned body with hard work. The workout starts with an explosive chest exercises, followed by a killer abs workout , a shoulder routine, leg routine, an upper body routine, and if you can handle it an extreme upper body routine. Bar brothers 12 week program is the ebst choice to get results.Check Lazar routine in the picture below

Lazar novovic workout routine for advanced calisthenics

Lazar Novovic workout routine above is just for pros and not for beginners. Now, you have to be prepared for this 12 week workout mentally. If you don’t have the proper motivation, tenacity, and willingness to give 110% you’ll just be hurting yourself.

To properly start a new, rigorous workout such as this one, you should correct your eating habits first. You won’t get results from eating burgers and fries while working out,check this article abour Lazar Novovic eating habits . Start incorporating healthier meals and foods into your diet. Drink more water, hydration is important when working out. Stretching is also very important when it comes to working out. You want to stretch your body before and after working out. If you don’t, you can seriously hurt yourself. Just make sure you feel loose and limber before starting your workout. Afterwards, be sure to stretch to avoid being tight and/or super sore the following day. Remember rest days are important as your muscles need to have the proper relaxation and rest to prosper. You have to let your muscles heal after a good workout.

Lazar Novovic Workout Routine For Beginners

With this workout comes various types of exercises, that you may take time to be able to do. But they will, without a doubt, give results. Just be sure you know your limits. You don’t want to injure yourself. You’ll be doing pseudo push ups, finger tip push ups, crucifix push ups, one leg fall back push ups, and clap behind back push ups for the chest routine. 15 reps of each and 5 clap behind back push ups. If you need to take breaks in between, then you can. But not too long. Try to avoid stopping during each exercise. Remember quitters never win and winners never quit.

Day two of your workout will consist of a combination of a toe touch, knee grab, and side toe touch. Followed by wind mills on your back using your legs. Next, a modified mountain climber in which you’ll be going in and out to each side. Lastly, an L-Sit hold in which you’ll be lifting yourself with your legs extended in front of you. Remember to stretch!
You will work your shoulders/core on day three with the following exercises: backward shoulder walks with your feet on the wall, using it to walk yourself forward and backward while walking up and down the wall. Then you’ll do handstand push ups. You can use the wall to hold your legs in place as you do it. For the next exercise, you’ll need two chairs and while in a planking position, you’ll use the chairs to come up using your hands then back down into the original planking position. Next use the same chairs to do dip holds. Don’t forget, you’ve got this. Check this calisthenics full body workout routine for detailed exercises for each muscle
For day four, you’ll start with jumping lunges followed by burpees on one leg for each leg. You’ll need a bench of some sort to be able to jump onto for the one leg jumping pistol squats. Jump onto the bench while on one leg and once you’re on top of the bench, do a squat while still on one leg, then come off of the bench and do another squat on one leg. Then you’ll use the bench to do a few high knees and jump onto the bench to do a squat. Almost done!
Finally Friday! You’ll start with pull ups, transition into dips, then muscle ups, leg lifts, and end with pull ups. Easy enough, right? Give it your all. You can look as good as Lazar Novovic using the Lazar Novovic training plan in no time. If he can transform his body, you can too. No excuses. Get to it!


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