Street Workout Vs Gym: Best Way to Build Muscle?

The battle between the street workout and the gym workout is extremely controversial. This is because every person is different in terms of genetics, mindset, and overall finances. Some individuals are wise to invest their time and effort toward the gym , while others are wise to invest that time and effort toward the calisthenics workout. A person can become physically fit and look stunning by participating in either workout. It all boils down to your unique fitness goal and situation.

Street Workout ” Calisthenics ”  Vs Gym ” weights ”  [Comparison]



Aalyzing Yourself (“Do I Want to Gain or Lose?”):

The first step is to decide whether you aspire to loose weight or gain weight. Losing weight implies getting rid of fat, while gaining weight implies gaining more lean muscle. There is a common misconception that you can build muscle during a caloric deficit. This is completely false because the muscles you break down to build muscle would have an insufficient amount of calories to rebuild them, which would result in no muscle growth. With that being said, once you have decided whether you aspire to lose weight or gain weight you can decide the correct workout style. People wanting to lose weight would be most wise to invest their time in the calisthenic workouts, while people aspiring to gain muscle would be most wise to invest their time in the gym for bodybuilding workouts.

Gym Workouts and Gaining Lean Muscle:

There is a reason why massive men such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu are always seen doing gym workouts as opposed to calisthenics. They have to constantly gain as much muscle as possible. Gaining muscle is simply the process of breaking down muscles, eating enough calories to repair those muscles, and then training harder in order to continue the cycle. Each time the muscles are broken down and repaired they get a little bit bigger. In the battle against the street workout vs gym workout the gym workout wins when it comes to gaining muscle because it gives the person the freedom to tear down the most muscle for the maximum period of time. For example if you were working a primary muscle group like chest you could continue to progress forward in your barbell weights forever, which would ensure that your muscles grow. This principle applies to every muscle group. Gym workout exercises include chest fly’s with dumbbells, incline barbell press, decline barbell press, dumbbell curls, and really any exercise that allows weight to be increased for maximum muscle breakdown.

Lose The Weight with Calisthenics:

In the battle with the street workout vs gym workout the street workout wins when it comes to losing weight because it allows more muscle groups to be engaged at one time. The reason more muscle groups are being activated is because calisthenic workouts require an individual does exercises that use their own body weight. When these muscle groups are used they are torn down a little. The tearing down of those muscles will not allow them to grow much, but it will force the body to use a very large amount of calories to repair all those muscles. Because the muscles are not so torn the person is able to work them more often than gym workouts, which leads to quicker calorie usage and overall weight loss. A person practicing calisthenics would likely do push ups, chin-ups, crunches, and any exercise that forces them to use their full body weight.

Paying the Price:

Calisthenic workouts can be done at home and require nearly no financial investment. This is because no equipment is required to do the exercises. On the other hand there is the gym workouts, which definitely require a financial investment. If a person wants to go to the gym they either need to pay thousands of dollars to make their own home gym or pay a monthly fee to drive to a gym. It is also important to note that the gym workout requires time and having to share weights and space with people. Overall this explains why calisthenics wins the battle between the street workout vs gym workout when it comes to the price.

Understanding the Relationship:

You now understand both types of workouts and the way each workout can apply to your unique goal. Did you know a person can do both styles of training throughout their life? A person can loose fat by training with calisthenics and then proceed to gain muscle by doing gym workouts. The same goes for a person that is gaining muscle. They can gain muscle, eat enough protein to maintain that muscle, and then use calisthenics to get rid of their fat. For example a person that is skinny and has little muscle could go to the gym and build muscle until they are satisfied. At that point they could trim the fat off of them by training with calisthenics. In the other instance a person that was overweight could train using calisthenics in order to loose their fat and then use the gym to gain the amount of muscle they want.

How Will Each Workout Style Effect Your Appearance?:

The classic look for those that choose the calisthenic workouts is a look that identifies with Frank Medrano, Barstarazz, Sam Tribble, Brandon Carter, Brenden Meyers, and Lazar Novovic. The classic look for those that choose the gym workouts is a look that identifies with Lou Ferrigno, Bob Paris, Tony Atlas, Mickey Hargitay, and Ronnie Coleman. By looking at these people you will see a major contrast, which will help you understand the major difference that will occur based on your decision to use calisthenics or gym workouts. The very lean, condensed, and tight look is what comes from the calisthenics. The big, muscular, and overall large than life depiction is what a person will get from training using the gym. Some people like the look of the gym and some like the look of the calisthenics. It is all a personal preference.

Longevity with The Workouts:

The gym workouts identify with power lifting and bodybuilding, while calisthenics identify more as a unique class. The injury associated with gym workouts is greater because more stress is being put on the joints. The stress is the result of heavy weights. Calisthenic put some stress on the joints, but not nearly as much as the gym workouts. With all of that being said, calisthenics is the form of exercise that is more likely to be used throughout a person’s entire life. Bodybuilding can be carried on for decades, but eventually a person gets to the point that they are too frail to be lifting weights. Power lifting is the most taxing on the joints and can only be sustained for ten to twenty years. Now is time to watch this amazing battle between a street workout athlete and weight lifter