Top Street Workout Routines For Beginners and Tips To Start

Street workout refers to a physical activity performed outdoors or in public facilities. It originated from Ancient Greece. Then it became popular in Russia, Europe, and the US, specifically in New York City’s outskirts when it’s known by ghetto workout . Currently, it has spread to all parts of the world . It involves a combination of sports, athletics, and calisthenics. Is just a new name for bodyweight workouts performed in outdoor parks.

Street Workout Routine: Ultimate  Guide For Beginners

Street work outs have been of great value to my health and changed my life for better . I have used them in the last two years and nothing is hard unless you have not tried it. I assure you that you will get it a challenge at first but all will flow smoothly with time. Pain is never part of my experience currently but was the obvious at first. I encourage you to make it practical and get back your health.

How to Start Training?

Let’s start the article with killer tips you must know before choosing the right workout plan For your journey Or you will fail early


Equipment You Need

There is some stuff you should purchase to make your journey fun and smooth. The basic ones are Pull-up bar, dip bar, gloves, best shoes and resistance bands.

Find Your Max Rep

  Warm up and do max push-ups, then rest. Do max pull-ups and rest again then, do max dips. Do the same for handstand hold against the wall and knee raises. Ensure you find your max in lunges and squats, although this takes more time. After you are through, write them down and don’t cheat your reps.

Find Your Goals

Do you train for speed, strength, looks, Endurance, Power or just to be healthy? Find your goals and adjust your workouts to the goal.

Eat Right

Just adjust your diet according to your goals. Eat more than what you have been eating if you want to gain muscle weight. Take fewer calories if you want to lose weight. Forget about junk foods. Avoid drinking sodas for a week, then try to avoid sugars for another week. Keep progressing. Always have a diet that fits your goals to facilitate successful progress.

Adjust the Difficulty

But what if you cannot do handstand holds or pull-ups? Lucky guy, the beauty of street workout is that it involves lots of progressions. Just lower the exercise difficulty and do continue until you are strong enough.

For example:

  1. Do negative pull-ups instead of pull-ups and increase the time you take on negative pull-ups.
  1. Do pike push-ups instead of handstand, then do elevated pike push-ups.
  1. Instead of doing regular push-ups, do them on your knees.
  1. Do dips on the edge of a chair instead of doing it on parallel bars. Later on, elevate your feet for more difficulty.

Find a way of making the exercise easier but at the same time challenging for successful progress.

Track Your Progress and Stop Worrying.

Track your reps on every single workout round. Note them down, as well as the sets, feelings, and personal notes. Try to add more reps (at least one) to each exercise you take. This is called progress. Don’t get afraid of trying or failing. This is because you will try and fail but you should try again and again until you succeed. Always ensure you are consistent in your workouts to make it successful.


You may not get like Corey Hall or Lazar Novovic in a few weeks but remember we are here to make the street workout a lifestyle. It’s simple and you just need to do what you can with what you have on hand. Keep it fun to enjoy your street workouts. Keep them fun, challenge yourself, play some music, jump around, scream etc. The street workout should be an enjoyable pain. You should get motivated by keeping connected with other people. Find workout partners if it is possible. Have a small inspirational list of people who have succeeded in street fitness like: Lazar Novovic, Corey Hall,  Hannibal For King,Brendan Meyers or Frank Medrano  and many others.

Street Workout Plan For All levels : Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

Generally, a street workout routine involves physical exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, muscle-ups, dips, squats and sit-ups. Also includes some isometric holds such as the human flag, back lever, front lever, and planche.He is divided into two branches. One is strength training and the other one is dynamics:

Strength training comprises the isometric holds like front lever, planche, back lever, etc. Strength training also includes hefestos, single arm pull-ups, muscle-ups and many others.

Dynamics workout involves movements like 360’s, switchblades, and a variety of tricks developed by athletes. These tricks are connected with other many moves so as to create sets or routines.

Street Workout Program For Beginners

This schedule is suitable for beginners. It could be too heavy if you have never done any bodyweight before. You may change the intensity down or up by taking up to 2 minutes rest in between the exercises or changing the frequency for each exercise. The common goal for beginners is getting stronger/full body. The workout should take 5 weeks at a frequency of 3 times a week. It should include the following:


  • 30 seconds jumping jacks.
  • 15 Step ups.
  • 10 Lunges for each leg.
  • 30 seconds plank.
  • 3 Second L-Sit Hang (5 reps).
  • 10 Sit Ups.
  • 5 sec flexed arm hangs (3 reps).
  • 15 incline push-ups.
  • 10 Seated dips (On a bench or chair).

If you find these too easy for you, try repeating the above beginner workout program 2 more times in a row or try an intermediate calisthenics routine. It should take you 10 minutes to complete a single round depending on the rest period you take in between the exercises. In general, one is supposed to train at an intensity they can manage to do severally with a good technique. A shorter resting period in between the exercises increases muscle growth and strength. For fast progression and positive results, one should perform this plan at least 2 times weekly and take a rest less than one minute in between exercises.


Just remember that making a winning  workout plan is easy when you have great resources available.  There is an outstanding resource and also cheap  called bar brothers system, that has tons of great workouts and nutrition information.


Intermediate Street Workout Routine

This program is suitable for athletes who are more experienced with calisthenics workouts. The goal for this is further strengthening the body and the overall endurance. As a result, you will grow more muscle mass and become stronger. This gives you a good foundation. It allows you to progress to specific isometric exercises or advanced bodyweight exercises. The duration of the program is 6 weeks at a frequency of three times weekly.It’s include:

  • 20 push ups/explosive
  • 20 squats.
  • 12 dips.
  • 10 chin ups.
  • 60 sec wall sit.
  • 5-7 korean dips.
  • 10 head bangers .
  • 7 L-sits pull ups.
  • 30 seconde plank.
  • Finish by max incline push ups

this video show exactly how to do perform each exercise

For the first three weeks, take a single round of this workout  program for about 15 minutes. Do it on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Increase the training intensity by reducing the rest in between the exercises. One minute of rest is the best period for muscle growth and strength.

In the fourth and fifth weeks, perform two rounds of the workout routine with short breaks in between rounds. Take it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In week six increase perform three rounds of this intermediate calisthenics routine with short breaks in between the rounds. Repeat the workouts three times as in the previous weeks.

You should train at a manageable intensity to do it severally with a good technique. You should wait another week to increase the intensity in case you don’t feel comfortable doing extra rounds. Each one should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the resting sessions you take. For positive results, perform the bodyweight program thrice a week.

Advanced Street Workout Routine

This workout program is suitable for highly experienced athletes who train for three or more times weekly. The goal of this king of fitness is to improve overall endurance and strengthen your body. This gives you a strong foundation needed for specific isometric exercises or advanced calisthenics exercises.

The first, second and third days of the training week will focus on the arms, on legs, and on strengthening the whole body consecutively.

One should take approximately 20 minutes to complete each round, depending on the amount of resting time between the exercises. For fast progression and the best results, one should perform this  routine thrice weekly. It is important to do a warm up before the workout and cooling down after completing your workout.Watch the video below by Bar Brothers to learn advanced calisthenics exercises

High-Intensity Non-Stop Calisthenics Workout Program.

This plan is simple but effective and is designed to strengthen your body. It only has four bodyweight exercises. It targets the legs, upper body, and abs. It is a combination of two explosive and two controlled exercises. The goal is speed control. This workout are more effective when performed in more control. Your cardio benefits from this  routine since it involves explosive moves. It also has no rest in between the four calisthenic exercises. You can perform it almost anywhere. All you need is a high bar.

Set a timer for at least ten minutes and perform the following routine non-stop:

  • Hanging leg raises-10 reps.
  • 20 Steps walking lunges.
  • 10 reps of clapping push-ups.
  • 30 seconds squat jumps.

Recovery and Warm-up.

The good thing is that you get the same benefits with HIIT within 10 minutes as one could go running for at least half an hour. Experts’ advice that one should take 24 hours of rest to recover from HIIT. One should not do them more than thrice weekly. Also, ensure you do a proper warming-up before you get to your max.

Street Workout VS Body Building Benefit

The street workout involves physical exercises such as pull-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, muscle-ups, dips, squats and sit-ups. It also includes some isometric holds. Eg. The human flag. Bodybuilding is the use of continuous resistance exercises to develop and control one’s muscles. Bodybuilders use the gym for that purpose. Street fitness is more stylish than going to the gym since it is beneficial in the following way:



  1.  It is free to undertake.

  2. It can be performed anywhere indoor or outdoor.

  3. No gym or training equipment are required.

  4. It promotes a desirable physique and good health.

  5. It’s totally a social event hence bring people together.


Making Time to Exercise:

The biggest problem that faces literally anybody when they want to get in shape, is making time to exercise.  That can be difficult depending upon just how busy your life might be.  But there are plenty of things that you can actually do.  Here are a few that can really help if you’re serious about getting in shape!


  • Stop making excuses:  whether you’re tired, you’re hungry, or you just don’t feel like it, stop lying to yourself.  If you don’t exercise, you’re never going to get fit.  The time is now for you to stop lying to yourself, and get up off the couch.
  • Wake up earlier:  If you just don’t have time to exercise, then you need to make time.  Readjust your schedule so that you can wake up 20 minutes earlier.  That gives you plenty of time for a quick run, cardio routine, or even just some Yoga time.  All of the above will do the trick.
  • Cut down on your television time:  the average family is watching 2 hours + of television a night.  If you just cut back on that slightly, you’ll have all the time that you need to get a workout in, and then some.
  • Exercise with the family:  If you find that it’s hard to get time away from the kids, then take them with you.  Go to the park, or go for a walk.  Anything that gets you active, plus it’s healthy for the little ones as well.
  • Keep a workout schedule:  sometimes people don’t workout because time gets away from them.  But if you set a schedule then you can be sure that you always make the time for yourself.  Just have the commitment to stop what you’re doing, and work out!
  • Divide your workouts into mini-workouts:  they may not be as effective as a longer session.  However, it’s better to do something than to do nothing.  20 minutes here and there, or even 10 is better than no minutes.
  • Make working out a priority:  this sounds simple, but you would be amazed by how many people just don’t prioritize working out.  If you really want to get in shape, and be and feel healthy, then you need to commit.  If you don’t commit to working out, then you’re never going to get anywhere.  So make working out a priority, and one of the main things you make time for.  Then adjust the rest of your leisure activities around this really important one.


Ensure you do street workout training fully.Also, follow bar brothers workout routine to master your street workout skills. Be assured you will never regret the experience you get with street workout. You can do it in groups to be more successful.  Just give it a trial. If you have any questions or need help, just comment and we will be honored to answer you .