Turbulence Training Review: Does Craig Ballantyne Scam You?

I am so excited to let you know about Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne, who has developed a program to burn the fat off you and rip your body into shape quickly. It seems too good to be true, but his methods are proven to work, backed by science and many happy customers.

Who Is Craig Ballantyne? The Mind Behind Itcraig-ballantyne-turbulence-training


Really, this guy is the real deal. There are many programs that claim to give you results, but Turbulence Training 2.0 has real life people saying that it genuinely works. Craig holds a CSCS Msc in exercise physiology from McMaster University in Toronto and he developed this blueprint method to tone muscle and burn fat in record time. He knows his stuff and has a very impressive resume, which includes helping the Canadian rugby team train for the 2007 world cup, writing for top health magazines and coaching many athletes to top fitness and also write many enjoyable books like “The Perfect Day Formula” , “The Great Cardio Myth ” … I like him because he knows what it takes to make this happen to ordinary people like you and me. The skills and experience that he brings into this program has been evident in the feedback posted by the users. He has built authority for over 18 years writing and researching on this subject.

What Is Turbulence Training?

The short answer is that TT is about fat loss. However, that would be an understatement for a program such as this one. The author likes to call it a complete life and body transformation system that starts with lifestyle changes and incorporates healthy eating and proven fat burning exercises to give you the transformation you crave.Craig shows you the real way to burn fat through mere workouts and a healthy diet. There are no marathon exercises and fad diets. The workouts in this system are designed to give subcutaneous fat loss. This will eventually expose your muscles and give you a toned physique.

This formula shows you exactly how this training can be customized to bring results in your life. Unlike other systems that are general, the specificity that comes with this system is just amazing. Whether you want to shed off your belly fat, tone your muscles or just become fit, this program has it all in one package.

A Look Inside Turbulence Training: Workout Routine & Diet

It is a 3 principle for easy and effective fat loss;

  1. Effective Diet and Nutrition
  2. 20-25 Minutes of Strength Training followed by 20 minutes of Interval Training
  3. Variation of the workouts every 3-4 weeks

…This is the simple blueprint and has worked for over 10000’s of people from all over the world.

The whole concept behind Craig Ballantyne system   is to shock your body (aka Turbulence) in such a manner that your metabolism will be at its peak for over 24 hours. This means you will be burning fat while you eat, watching TV and even while you sleep!. Let’s start with the details

The Workout Guide

Well, the exercises are a completely different form of training routine for fat loss. It is a combination of the following principles;

  1. 8-12 slow and controlled rep range – Effective for building muscle and trigger fat loss
  2. Superset training – two exercises done one after the other followed by a 1 minute rest. (Upper body exercise with a lower body exercise)
  3. Low rest periods
  4. Changing the workout every 4 weeks
  5. The strength training sessions is followed by a 20 minute intense interval training session to create a complete Turbulence in your body.
  6. Ab training workouts that can be done on off days.
  7. Workouts last no more than 45 minutes.

This is just a short summary of the complete Turbulence Training workout system. Here’s an example of a turbulence training bodyweight workout that Craig was happy to share with us.

1) Prisoner Squat (16 repetitions)

2) Elevated Pushups (12 reps per side)

3) Single-Leg Deadlifts (12 reps per side)

4) Close-grip Pushups (As many reps as possible)

5) Jumping Jacks (25-50reps)

6) Cross-Body Mountain Climber (14 reps per side)

Craig prefers body weight circuits to cardio and for many right reasons. Your heart works harder with body weight circuits and your body can never get conditioned to a specific routine as with cardio. In addition, body weight circuits are fast and don’t need a large space to perform. The terms may be complicated, but this workout is really intense. I do it when I am out of town and believe me! I lost fat even with all the buffets!


Turbulence Training Diet Plan

Craig Ballantyne clearly specifies that if you want to see positive results from your workout, you HAVE to change your diet, and that is why you are provided with the Turbulence Training nutrition guide that shows you exactly how Craig Ballantyne follows his diet plans when he needs to lose fat fast.

The nutrition principles are really fun and surprising;

  1. Eat 5-6 short meals a day. (There is no lunch, or dinner)
  2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  3. Add more fiber to your diet
  4. Add protein to every meal

The nutrition principles are THAT simple. All you need to do is follow them exactly and you will see super fast results in no time. Although when you are working, you might have a hard time fitting your diet in to your work place. I still manage to get away with it because you get a really neat substitute food column where you are safe to eat certain food and get away as long as you follow the blueprint rules 90% of the time.

Turbulence Training Results: Does This Fatloss Program Really Work ?

I learnt many things from the Turbulence Training program. Two of the key points that Craig Ballantyne put forward is the choice of exercises and supersets.

  • I discovered that with superset training (two different exercises done together with no rest) you save a lot of time, and increase the speed of fat loss at the same time.
  • You will enjoy many things including the pain and muscle soreness. I especially love the way Craig has set the tempo of each repetition, rest periods for each workout and the clear instructions with pictures on how to perform each exercise.
  • The tempo shows you how fast you should move when exercising. It really gives you the burn when you follow the right tempo.

If you think the program is too complicated, let me make things easier to understand. You get a complete step by step plan to follow for 16 weeks during which time you are guaranteed to lose at least 8% body fat depending on how well you follow it.


Turbulence Training Benefits & Pros

A majority of the user reviews analyzed pointed towards specific benefits that they experienced. Some of these advantages include.

Minimal Equipment:

Every program that is made to help you in the workout requires that you have some sort of equipments that you will use to exercise. In fact, the cost of the is usually higher than the cost of the program itself. If you look at it in the other light, this may sound so illogical. This is the reason why this program uses minimal equipment to achieve the weight loss goals. It is not only in this Turbulence Training review that you will learn the only equipments needed are dumbbells and the bench, but also some of the program users will tell you.


This revolutionary formula is highly flexible and can serve a number of causes, including weight loss, fat loss and body toning. It can be used by people of various body types and ages without any difficulties for whatsoever. This is in sharp contrast to the other programs available in the market today.

Cost Effective:

The Turbulence Training program brings along with it so many benefits that make its overall cost insignificant. It is commonly said that this product is a win-win situation for both parties. It combines all the benefits in one package which can be accessed upon making the one off payment. It is very cheap. The TT program sells for less than $50 online, which is some people’s hourly earnings. For all the info and material you get, this is basically a steal.

Easy To Follow

TT contains video tutorials for exercises that you can do at home or in any free space. The exercises are short and this is crucial for time-constrained users. There’s absolutely no need to sweat 2 or 3 hours in the gym when 45 minutes of intense exercise can melt fat. The instructions are concise and clear to understand. But even then, there are plenty of follow along video tutorials in case you don’t want to read. You will love the fact that the author keeps things lean by focusing on the essentials while eschewing trivial stuff. Finally, one of the rarest things you’ll find in a fitness program is varied, but fortunately, TT has this in plenty. The exercises are varied and every fourth week, you start a new workout routine.

Turbulence Training VS Cardio  “Insanity “


When using this program, you will also discover why cardio doesn’t work and will never work for you and the millions of other people. This is not a sales gimmick but rather an honest, finding as posted by authoritative research journals and independent Turbulence Training user reviews. Cardio makes you gain fat instead of shedding it off. This is because of its suppressing effect on the T3 hormone which is responsible for burning fat.Also cardio can damage your back and joints. This is because every stride you make on the treadmill multiplies your body weight and exerts it on your joints. In many of the user reviews, the subscribers recounted how these cards caused muscle and joint pains.


Here’s What The Turbulence Training 2.0 Package Entails

A series of free workout videos to help you follow along. You will receive these in the next 24 weeks after purchase. These videos are made by a host of fitness heavyweights including Craig himself, Shawna Kaminski, Brian Kalakay, and Mikey Whitfield. You will get the all new and upgraded 10th anniversary edition with the Turbulence Training program (comprising lots of features to help you with training).

New versions of classic supplementary TT programs such as TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chics and TT Thermogenic -30. Five new ‘miracle’ workouts that you can do just about anywhere and lose fat.The upgrades TURBULENCE TRAINING nutrition guide that contains the ultimate fat loss package needed to lose fat. Remember, nutrition is a big part of your TT program and there is no compensation for poor feeding.

How to Buy the Program?

After going through the various reviews posted online about the product, you could have reached a point where you want to try it out yourself. Well, I must warn you from the outset that there are lots of third parties out in the market who are keen to rip you off your hard earned money through fake offers. Never buy the  product  from any other point other than their official site. This will give you the assurance that you are getting a genuine product.Order from the official site

Is The System Available At a Bargain Price?

Well, offers do come from time to time through the official site. You need to check and see that they have one so as to avoid being duped by unscrupulous dealers online. You can even email the sales contact so as to get verified information on the availability of any offers. At the moment, there is an offer running where the price has been slashed from $99 to $47 so as to give access to as many people as possible. You actually have no reason why you should not ditch your cardio and get yourself on the T T  routine.


What You Are Entitled To Receive When You Make the Purchase:

Upon making your one off payment, you will stand to get access to the following resources.

  1. T.T for Rapid Fat Loss: these are video workouts aimed at melting away your fat within 90 minutes every week. They are 24 in number.
  1. T.T program Guide: this will show you what you are required to do in each and every week if you are to attain your goals.
  1. T.T exercise Guide: this  manual details the exercises that you are required to do thereby preventing any confusion and loss of schedule.
  1. T.T nutrition plan: this is a plan that shows you the types of foods to eat so as to shed off your fat. Nutrition is a critical pillar in achieving the  quick results.
  1. Thermo 30 workout plan: this is a well-orchestrated plan that shows you how to turn fat storing into fat burning. This is done through few minutes of exercise per week.

Payment and Delivery

Being a digital product,  is delivered immediately the payment is made. It comes in a wireless manner though a link to your email address. The confirmation link sent to your email gives you proof that you have paid the amount required and you are entitled to a full access of the materials on the site. There are various payment options that you can use including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. It is always good to confirm that the exact amount has been deducted to avoid double charges. Remember that all ordering and financial transactions are done through the site and nowhere else.

Money Back Guarantees

The product comes with a 60 day cash back refund just in case you feel dissatisfied with the outcome. This trial window is your right and you can cancel the purchase any time and you will get your cash back any time.


It is always kind to leave a feedback so as to inform other wannabe subscribers of the system on how the experience is. It is good to be genuine as someone else will use your feedback to determine his buy decision.

Final Verdict


Turbulence Training is available as a download package with a number of eBooks and guides. This can be done through the official site only and hence third party vendors may not have the legality to do so. If you are tired of treadmills, Stairmasters and Elliptical machines, this is the program that you should be investing in. It will help you in burning the fats instead of it instead of storing it therefore making you look 15 to 25 years younger.