Bar Brothers Workout: Killer 6 Pack Abs Routine You Must Try

Are you searching for the bar brothers calisthenics workout routine to start off with, well then you are well on your way to begin with a sport that will help you build and tone muscles without having to go to a gym or to buy expensive equipment. Bar brothers workout system is basically  exercises and training that you do by just using your own bodyweight. The greatest advantages of doing body weight training is that you can do it anywhere, you can exercise anytime, and there is such a large variety of exercises you can choose from not to mention how cost effective it will be as well.Bar brothers workout routine is the best  calisthenics workout plan , if you want to increase the flexibility and strength of your body. get access for Bar Brothers workout programs now 

Bar Brothers Calisthenics Workout Routine

Calisthenics workouts will improve your sports performance for all sorts of sports, help with weight loss and it is a great start if you ever want to start professional bodybuilding. If you are interested in calisthenics you may have seen many videos  with amazing movements that are done, but before you can do calisthenics exercise routines such as the human flag or one arm pull up you need to start with the basics, build your strength and advance from there.  Calisthenics exercises involves the use of your own body weight to build muscles instead of any other weights. This form of workout is also used to increase flexibility of the muscles and burn body fat. It can be done as a standalone routine and can also be combined with other workouts for bodybuilding, weight loss and fitness. It is loaded with benefits and it can be practiced by everyone starting from beginners to experts.Click the image below to start your calisthenics workout plan . Here are a few of the basic bar brothers workout  that you will start off with:

 Bar Brothers  Calisthenics Workout Plan

bar brothers calisthenics workout routine

bar brothers calisthenics workout routine

  Pull Ups: There are various types of Pull ups that you can do; here I am going to focus on the Normal Pull Up and the Chin Up. With a normal Pull Up you will grab on to a bar with a grip just slightly wider than your shoulder width and your hands facing away from you. You will pull yourself up until your chin is just above the bar, pause for a second or two and lower yourself back down again. When you go up you need to concentrate on using your back, abdominal and bicep muscles. A Chin Up is exactly the same as a Pull Up with the only difference that your hands will be facing towards you. A Chin Up also works you back and abdominal muscle but has much more emphasis on your biceps. This exercise will strengthen your primary muscles your back and arms as well as your secondary muscles your abs and shoulders.

  Push Ups: To do a push up correctly you will get into a high plank position and place your hands firmly on the ground directly underneath your shoulders, lift your feet and ground your toes into the floor so that your lower half is completely stable, tighten your core muscles (your abdomen) flatten and keep your back tight and engage your glutes and hamstrings. Now you will lower your body keeping your back straight, your neck neutral and your eyes in front of you, keep your body in a straight line. Push back up by keeping your core engaged and exhale as you push back to the starting position. The Push up will help you build a strong chest, triceps as well as secondary muscles such as abdomen and shoulders.

  Pistol Squats: lets first start out with the normal squat, you will stand facing forward arms beside your body elbows bent and legs shoulder length apart, then you will sit down slowly as if you are sitting down on an invisible chair with your behind as close to the floor as possible but not touching it, feet facing forward and back straight. Remember that squatting has nothing to do with bending your knees and hips it is entirely about dropping your weight straight down towards the ground and using your core muscles to do so. The pistol squat is basically a squat done with only one leg so you will use the exact same procedure but just keep one leg stretched out in front of you. It is best to start out with a normal squat before proceeding to a pistol squat. Squatting strengthens your leg muscles, glutes as well as secondary abdominal muscles.

  Dips: there are various dips that you can choose from; I am going to be concentrating on two. The Bench Dip is a dip exercise where you position your body perpendicular to a bench or similar object, with your palms placed on the edge of the bench and elbows extended supporting your body. You will plant your heels on the floor with your knees slightly bent. Lower your body until your elbows are at 90 degrees then you will dip up by extending your arms until your elbows are straight and lower your body again. Jumping Dips are done by grasping the bench, with your feet on the floor and then you will jump to give your body enough momentum to complete a rep of dips, your will slowly lower your body down after the dip. Dips will help to strengthen your entire upper body.

  Sits Up: I am going to focus on the two most effective abdominal exercises. The plank, this exercise is done by starting in a press position. You will bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms and your body must form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles, keeping your eyes focusing to the front. You will engage your core by sucking in your abdominal muscles to your spine, this position must be held for one minute and then you may rest, increase the time period of holding this position as you advance with your training. Sit Ups, to do a sit up correctly you will life flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your ears and pull your shoulder blades so that your elbows are out to the side. Brace your abs by tightening them and raise your body upwards towards your knees keeping your feet firmly on the ground and move slowly back into the start position again.

Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djokolovic explained in this new video below BAR BROTHERS workout routine for all levels:Beginners,intermediate and advanced


Having a strong core in calisthenics is very important so make sure to use your abdominal muscles in every exercise that your do. If you have a few extra kilos to lose it would be advised to do some cardio exercises as well just to lose the extra fat. As with any training program you will need to follow a healthy and energy controlled balanced diet to see the best results.
Lastly it is important to do some stretching exercises before and after you have done your calisthenics trainingsplan. Join Bar Brothers 12 week system to build strong muscles fast .


So what can you expect from bar brothers workouts ?

  1. Well firstly never expect to be doing the same workout over and over again.   This type of workout involves a great deal of variety, as you are required to complete a number of different exercises.
  2. Secondly the way in which you need to warm up varies it is much more energetic yet no use of traditional gym equipment such as treadmills is involved.   Instead you will be taught how to use bench jumps and burpees to raise your heart rate and bring your conditioning to a totally different level.   Plus you will also be shown the correct way to cool down after your workout.   This helps to ensure that you remain flexible as well as increasing blood flow around the body so you are much less likely to cause injury to yourself.
  3. Any bar brothers member  is one that challenges your whole body so it becomes much tighter and toned.    Instead of you struggling to remember various exercises you would do , bar brothers system membership will guide you through a set of exercises that is working your body as whole.
  4. With this form of workout you won’t always be working on your own.   There are certain exercises that are designed to be carried out in pairs or in groups.   Not only will this help to ensure that you do actually finish the workout but will also help you in remaining motivated when doing the exercises.
  5. Finally you will be shown by bar brothers program how to do any new exercises correctly.   First off  Lazar Novovic  will show you how to perform the exercise taking it one step at a time.   Then when you actually try to perform it yourself they will spend time coming round to ensure that your form is correct and so ensuring that you are doing the exercise properly.


Along with the above you can also expect to lose those inches from around your waist as well as increase muscle tone.   Plus by joining bar brothers system  you will start to see your energy levels improve and this in turn is going to help you burn off calories much more quickly.   In some cases where you are working out very vigorously during one session you could end up burning as many as 1,000 calories.